October 9, 2008

sincerely 'Fro me to you

oh boy, here's a weird one! this picture was taken by a good friend of mine Sally. we was always messing with a camera trying to get JUST THE RIGHT PICTURE and since this is back when you had to wait till it was developed, you'd never know if you got it or not.

this is definitely one of those that needed to be thrown LOL!

taken: 1993-94, Sally's front yard Manchester

(GOD what was I thinking!!!)

do you see that hair???!!! what an art =)



Berry Patch said...

Oh but we all have those photos in our stash - somewhere - you're just brave enough to share it! LOL

We are THAT Family said...

What's funny is, you saved the picture!

You achieved true hair volume!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Now... exactly how much hair spray did you need to perfect that look?

Crayl said...

Sportin' a Swoosh. Serious height on those bangs. Nice rolling of the eyes too. :)

Shane said...

You must have been like me and had stock in Aqua Net hairspray! :)

Tammy said...

Now that is some poofy hairsprayed hair.

I agree with Kristen, the fact that you saved it is even funnier. Of course, you knew that you would one day need it. And I'm glad you did.