October 25, 2008

the EX

This is a picture that usually is hanging on at least one of the walls in our house. And as you can tell has been beat up over all the moves we've made.

This is a puzzle that was put together by #1's maternal grandmother for him. (no not my mom) I think that this picture sums up Darkside & #1's relationship very well and it was very touching that she seen that and was able to mirror it in her choice.

This is one of the few things he's received from this grandmother over the years. But you know what? The few gifts she has given were all GREAT gifts that were better than what could of been given.

#1 recently seen at a store a small magnet that he wanted to buy for his mother. This is one of the few times he's ever done this. As soon as he showed me I told - "hey why don't we pick that up for her for xmas?" He immediately said yeah that's what I was thinking.

I've noticed recently he's showed more and more interest in knowing things about her. I feel that there is change in the air. I know that this time things will be alot more cautious when dealing with her.

We are reaching an age with #1 that he has the possibility to be rebellious. And rebellion and a parent outside the home usually ends with bad results - we really don't want that to happen with us.


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