October 29, 2008

Maxxed Out

Today as I sat here while Darkside was at work, and after I distracted the kids, I watched Maxxed Out. It is a really, really good documentary! It really opened my eyes about a few things.

Don't get me wrong I knew there was a lot of debt in this country, but somehow I had become confused. You see every time the media mentions credit debt they don't necessarily always say credit debt. Alot of the time the media talks about how much debt Americans and American families have. Didja catch that?

Well obviously I should pay more attention or ask more questions of what is being said!

I always nodded my head or said out loud "yep!" when the media said these things. Because I didn't need to look outside my own house to see a family in debt. Hell the way they make it sound on news programs, everyone I know is in debt! You know too many bills, not enough money.

After watching this documentary I now understand that there is a BIG difference in what the news programs are talking about and me & people I know. My family and most of the people I know are not in credit debt. Credit debt is when you have credit extended to you and then aren't able to keep up with the payments, then your in debt.

Not --> you can't pay your utility bills and then you are in debt. (and w/o needed utilities!)

I guess technically it would be credit debt - they extended you a service on credit for you to pay at a later time and then you didn't pay. But I don't see it as credit debt. To me credit debt is a credit card, bank loan, you know things you get through a line of credit.

I have spent the last couple of years trying to change my way of thinking (like the above). And not just that but also the thinking that - I as an American citizen - am ENTITLED to certain services. This is a very spoiled way of thinking - or privileged way of thinking.

I am not entitled to anything other than my constitutional rights (because I was born in this country and as long as I make sure by participating in elections that these rights aren't reversed!).

The great news is I have no credit debt but the reason why I don't isn't because I'm some mastermind and was able to see the drawbacks to extending credit when I can't afford the payments -- I have no credit debt because I am so far below the poverty line that NO ONE would extend any credit to me!

I guess being poor is has it's good points, eh?


as a side note here are the 2008 Federal Poverty Guidelines

to be above poverty level according to this chart my family would need income of more than $28, 400

even with Darkside's GREAT new job we still would be just under this level

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