October 21, 2008


Well Darkside just had his first few days off from the new job - we were busy bees!

We got the furnace up and running with a new filter in place.

We put up a new screen door on the front door. This is still needing some finishing work done.

But the big thing that was done is the upstairs bathroom. It was a 14+ hour job! But it was a very necessary task. Darkside ripped up the old floor and removed the toilet (again - this is time #4), replaced a section of the cold water supply and then replaced everything.

This bathroom has been so difficult for us. But I think we've got the problems taken care of finally! But it isn't a pretty room by any means! But it works and does what it's supposed to =)

It's so sad to have to do all this work to a house we know we aren't going to stay in. But we try to remember that it's all still worth it since it will always be ours. So I try to look at it as I am doing work so if the kids move in it years down the road then they don't have to.

Darkside didn't get much rest on this set of days off!


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