October 28, 2008

wanting to move

Well I don't know if anyone else had the great pleasure of receiving the snow that we did on Sunday but just in case you wanted yet another reason of why we want to move back "home" there it is!


Darkside & I was so in shock that we forgot to even take a picture of it! We immediately picked up the phone and called his dad to tell him. And to remind him that no matter what we will be moved back down that way -- even if we have to camp out in his back yard!

He always laughs like we're crazy but we're not! (well not much, anyway)

I'm sure this is the start of many potential new homes to be shuffled out but....

This house in Egarville, IL is now gone. I posted about it here.

Here's the new prospective home in Augusta, IL. **LINK HERE**

And here is the stand by -here-. The break down of this property for us -

  • 1.5 acres
  • natural water source on property
  • already a structure on property
  • structure is about 12'x12' and 2 story
  • is in Greene Co. - very few restrictions
  • plenty of outdoor activities possible
  • been on the market 6+ mo. - possible to get a cut in asking price

  • 30 mins from a store or gas station
  • 5 miles of IL river = flood plain
  • structure is built on a side of a bluff
  • would need about 3 more rooms added
  • is in Greene Co. - very few jobs
  • wild cats, said to be by the river
  • been on the market 6+ mo. - possible to be gone before we're ready

so it's just a standby at this point, we'll just have to see where time takes us! =)


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