November 19, 2008


I found out about this (button above) through another blog I read regularly -- WHAT A GREAT THING!! Although I don't know of anyone I want to nominate, I still think it deserves to be spread about the internet =) I think it's great that people are trying to help others via the internet & blogs. CLICK THE BUTTON FOR MORE INFO

While there I found out about this giveaway -- WHOOO HOOOO!!! This is my kind of thing! I am going to enter in 2 of the giveaways:
I've got my fingers crossed for both! #3 would really love to get Wall-E, he's in love with the movie just from the previews on tv.

And although I really hope I'll be able to get a new stove before Thanksgiving since I only have one burner that works. I probably won't because I can't find a used one here. What ever happened to used appliance shops??? So I could use that $100 to help get this stove I've been looking at everyday.

did you see it's on sale? how can they call that a sale?? $14.50 off?!?! heck I'd have to drive 50 miles away to go get it, that'll cost more than $14.50 in gas! well maybe not but still...


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