November 2, 2008

vote on Nov. 4th

I promised myself I wasn't going to say on here what I planned to vote on Nov. 4th --- don't worry I still ain't going to!

But I heard about this site on the 10 o'clock news tonight and thought I'd share just in case someone else whose reading this may want to check it too. Plus, I'd like to remember this site for the next presidential election -- it was really neat!

It's Glassbooth - You rate the topics with points to start out and then take a small quiz saying if you oppose or agree with certain topics. Then they tell you who your views line up with the most, pretty cool!

Here's mine -

How you compare

  • 1 Ralph Nader 81% similarity
  • 2 Cynthia McKinney 79% similarity
  • 3 Barack Obama 70% similarity
  • 4 Bob Barr 51% similarity
  • 5 John McCain 45% similarity

not sure how accurate it is but still nifty =) but surely most other people done figured out who their voting for, right?

not me I'm waiting for the very end to decide just in case there are any last minute drama queens LOL! I've watched too many drama shows.


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