November 13, 2008

family (=) crap

I'm not having a great week here. First the fire, then Tuesday I found out I am the temporary guardian of 3 little kids - more on that in a second, and today I received notice that my compost pile is not up to "standards" of the city. UGH!

About a month ago a couple I know (who I will call Mr. & Mrs. Smith from here on out) was suddenly homeless and they have 3 kids. So when they called to tell me they were going to be at a new phone number and what happened I offered the only help I could -- to keep their kids for a couple weeks. They really didn't want to be separated from their kids (who can blame them?) and they thought that they had new jobs & a house lined up so they declined.

Quite honestly I was thrilled for a number of reasons, but mostly because I knew I spoke in the heat of the moment. But also because I was happy they would be able to fix the problems quick.

Let me explain - 3 seconds after I made the offer I realized how I don't do well with other people's kids long term. Honestly? I get totally stressed out and slowly every little thing eats away at my nerves. Sad I know. But I deal well with it -- I whine! j/k!

Plus, I only make these offers every 10 years or so -- that helps out too.

Anyway as time went on I realized that Mr. & Mrs. Smith had fallen into a trap. Not an actual trap but more of an psychological trap which lead to them leaning on someone rather than supporting themselves. And when these situations happen they disintegrate quick. And so when that happened I figured I'd get a call that they was coming. But there was no immediate call.

Then I received a call and Mr. & Mrs. Smith said they found a new place to go to. I was happy all over again - and hopeful. That only lasted a couple of days. Then I got the call.

How could I refuse? I knew my offer had become somewhat of a lifeline for them. And I really hated to see the kids living out of a car when the temps are dropping daily.

Although I was preparing myself, the house, and the kids for this call I was still shocked! And everything happens so fast. They called and then a little while later they were here.

And really I hadn't prepared myself at all for any of this. All I had done was spend the last month telling myself how stupid it was for me to offer. I came up with at least 2 reasons every day.

So here I am tonight - 1 full day after they have arrived. I got very little sleep last night, took a 3.5 hour nap today (stupid!), made chili for supper (sucked!), 2 of the 7 got baths, I think all of them brushed their teeth, and everyone changed their clothes at least once. Oh, and I went to 3 stores, but only took 5 of them and only went in 1 store with them all. Yeah fun day here.

Oh and I'm supposed to be in bed right now.

The other problem -- my compost. I've had a compost pile since we moved in in Feb. and I've even had a lot of problems with it here -- the smell mainly. There were a lot of problems with brown material to put in there -- which helps with the whole process. Although none of the neighbors knew what a compost pile was or how it worked - no one complained. But now the city wants to say there are complaints!

By now the pile is pretty much went to sleep or at least it's napping for the most part -- no smell. I think that one of the fire fighters that came on Sat. complained. But what I don't understand is why?? It's out of the way and not real noticeable from the alley. I mean really, isn't it better that we're TRYING to better the environment than do nothing at all?

So I sent the Kaos King out to remove the compost pile and destroy the box. He complained later about how bad it stank when he was shoveling. I laughed and told him it was his own fault! It was his job to turn it once a week. (I believe he forgot a time or two LOL!) But it's now removed -- I hope their happy!

I of course bought about 16 green peppers at the store on clearance today. Which meant as soon as I got home I processed them by cleaning, cutting, bagging, and then freezing. about 4 cups of food scraps that had to go to the trash --- UGH!!! I hate that!

So I'm looking to getting a compost bin or worm composting system. But I don't know, they are sooooo expensive!

The next couple of weeks are going to be VERY nerve wracking to me! Between extra kids and throwing away food scraps and the holidays that are coming up --- I'll need prozac soon!

please pray or think of me

79 days left in this control freak of a state!
I hate it here so much!
Give me Illinois any day - the state may be broke but at least they don't try to control you as much as Iowa does!

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