November 22, 2008


Things here are still a mess & I'm trying to get back into a schedule of some sort. Whether or not that'll every happen I just don't know!


I know that's a little overboard on the excitement level but I can't help it! We went to Marshalltown yesterday and found a used stove - 8 minutes before the store closed. I was so happy! It only cost $150 so that wasn't too bad. Especially since I knew I was leaving that town with a stove one way or another even if it meant buying that one I've been stalking at Sears LOL!

It's really cool too. The oven is all digital, which will take a bit to get used to, but still FAR more advanced than any stove I've owned before! I really need to take a picture before it gets all dirty -- which will hopefully be later today =)

I also treated myself with some new things from Walmart too. 2 new laundry baskets and a new digital thermometer with a probe thing (like Alton Brown *hehe!*). Our old laundry baskets were past the saving mark. I bought all of them used and then had them for the last 5 or so years. The last one I sent out to be used as an extra recycling container and the recycling guys thought I didn't want it and recycled it too -- it was that bad!

Darkside got a new jigsaw too since his old one died last month.

This new job Darkside has is really hard on the whole family because of the hours and we're not used to him being gone so much. He gets paid and we don't even have the time to go spend his check or pay bills! But on the other hand it's so nice to have money. It's like every week is tax refund week! And for once we even have some funds in savings -- we've NEVER been able to do that!

But I'm still trying to get a schedule down and it's not working at all. I fell asleep on Thursday night 30 mins before CSI was on and was so tired I didn't care that I missed it! Now that's tired!

(of course our stupid dvd recorder messed up and didn't record CSI so I have to wait till next week and catch it online :{ )

something else I did this past 3 weeks is go in hair color from brunette/black --> bright red --> white blonde/pink --> dirty blonde = my hair color of my younger years :) I'll take a new picture soon for all my profiles. I'm pretty happy with it now.



Angelena said...

Can't wait to see the pic of your hair. I always wanted mine blonde with pink blended into it. I was just never brave enough to do it. Who knows maybe one day....

Amy E said...

Congratulations on the stove! Have a great Thanksgiving!