December 25, 2008

thanksgiving 2008

ok to start let's cover thanksgiving =)

The day before my fil came up for a visit. It was great getting to see him again. He brought our woodstove & pipes, circular saw (how did we leave that?), and a brand new table saw! He says the table saw is still his but he'd let us use it till he needed it - that means it's ours pretty much. We'll have lots of fun with that! He left with 2 boxes of things -- I couldn't get him to take any more than that! He didn't stay for desserts and wouldn't take any with him either =(

That new stove I got was poop! It cooks at 450 degrees no matter what you set it to. But luckily the neighbor had a stove he wanted to sell so we got it and WOW! It's a way better stove and cost $100 less! We took the other stove back to the place where we bought it from and they refunded our money.

I got sick about 2 days before Thanksgiving and was sick for over 2 weeks. So most of the food was prepared half-heartedly. One turkey wasn't fully cooked, mashed potatoes were lumpy, used wrong pie crust recipe, and not enough sugar in my homemade cherry pie.

But --- one turkey did great, we made real potatoes this year instead of instant, bought pie crusts and they turned out ok, made 2 pumpkin pies and both were GREAT!, the cherries we picked & canned tasted great just need more sugar for pies, and I made my mom's dressing and it turned out GREAT and ... my pan is clean now!!!

So yes lots of bad and good things =)

But the major thing is the fact that a couple weeks ago I went to the dr because the cyst I have on my thigh had become infected. I knew it was going to happen eventually but still had put it off. When I went he gave me antibiotics and told me when I finished them that he'd have to remove the cyst. Well I finished the meds the friday before thanksgiving - I knew that there was no way to do this before the holidays so I put it off. Till the 1st. I went and had it removed. OMG! I was so nervous, I made Darkside go with me. LOL!

The dr had to numb it in about 15 different areas. For some reason while he was doing it I kept feeling it and he kept giving me more and more shots. WOW it was a very weird experience altogether. I needed 5 stitches to close it. It's healing up and hardly hurts at all. But it does look really bad and was bruised all under it.

But I think that's why it took me so long to get better from the sickness I some how had. but hopefully soon =)

We tried and tried to install the wood stove but it just isn't going to work here. We didn't have any problems the past two years with installing it at the old house so this is all new to us.

Then the worst happened. A pipe in the downstairs kitchen that was supposed to be shut off for the winter busted and was leaking all over. So we shut the water off so we could fix it.

Even though Darkside had all the tools and parts to fix it in 5 minutes, I had to be difficult. I said we should go ahead and re-route the pipe work so that we would know what pipe was what - you know? Well after getting all the parts together and taking everything upstairs into the heated area to glue them we realized that the glue wouldn't set up in the basement because it was way too cold down there. It was about 2 degrees, with a wind chill of about -14 degrees outside!

So Darkside went down to the basement to get some water in our extra water jugs to use till the morning --when we planned to finish the pipe work-- THE MAIN WATER LINE WAS FROZEN!!! It had only been 3 hours since we shut the water off! Thankfully we thought quickly and cut the water pipes that bring hot water up to the upstairs so it wouldn't freeze and bust in the walls.

We just figured the next day it would be thawed out -- NOPE!! So we go and buy heat tape for the pipe and put it on. Next day -- still no water! So then we put a heater down there near the pipe, next day -- still no water! So we wait another 2 days, checking every 5 hours or so -- still no water! And by this time the pipes are warm to the touch.

We're pretty sure that the pipes are frozen under the ground and we'll have to wait till the spring thaw till there will be water again. I called our plumber and they said they can't thaw pipes -- so yeah we're stuck.

That was the 14th. STILL NO WATER!

So we've been checking into renting an apartment except that isn't working out so great.

We've also been going and buying water daily - that sucks! And doing laundry at the laundry mat - wow it's expensive! And trying out alternative waste ideas - umm odd....

And Christmas has been more depressing and lean than I wanted since we're saving for SOMETHING that will fix this water situation. Although we were still able to keep up with our yearly traditions. I do think that the kids will be more than happy with what they will be getting.

here's to hoping I'm still sane with my next post!

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