January 23, 2009

teen love

We've had to deal with lovely teenage love here in the last year - OH YEA! And so hasn't Dana over at Homesteading Housewife. And although we've not had to deal with what is appropriate contact between bf & gf's in our house, she has.

I really like what one of her commenters said when asked how much is ok with you (the parents), to be done in front of you. Here's the answer one gave -

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Shelby said...
Been there, done that a few times already!

1. Peck-type kiss? Cool.
2. Tongue kissing? GROSS. Yeah, I know we do it with our spouses but it's supposed to be PRIVATE. I don't even like seeing it on TV. Ick.
2. Hand-holding? Cool.
3. Hugs of the kind like I might give my BFF after I haven't seen her in a while? Cool.
4. Hugging for extended periods or where you can't tell one ends and the other begins? Not cool.
5. Head on the other one's shoulder sitting on the couch (in the family room where anybody could walk by anytime)? Cool.
6. LAYING on the couch together? That's enough (and we did it a couple of times too!) to bring the evening to a screeching halt!
7. Also -- teenage, hormone-laden hands can be TRICKY THINGS. HANDS IN SIGHT at all times!
8. Related to #7? NO SNUGGLING under a throw blanket or afghan!

We were strict but not too much since nobody moved out til their mid 20s!

^^^THIS is what I'm going to use as my guidelines of what is ok & what isn't! I know I'm stealing it but ..... if a method works, why mess with it? I consider it a form of flattery! =)

I just really don't think I'm ready for any of this! I'm not even 30 yet! (don't remind me that it's almost here!)


January 21, 2009

jello shots

I'm supposed to be doing productive things right now like budgeting. Wouldn't you know that I got side tracked LOL!

look at this - too funny! can't wait to try it! even though I swore I wouldn't mess with jello shots anymore - oh well, what can I say?

everyone loves jello! =)


January 20, 2009

wanting to move

Well to start things off - that el cheapo microwave I was gonna buy? it wasn't cheap! it cost about $60! I thought for sure that they sold for cheaper than that. I was wrong! And this one is about half the size of the old one. I guess the upside is it'll probably run on less electricity =)

I don't think I've mentioned it lately so --- I HATE IT HERE! I can't wait to move! Everytime I turn around there's yet another regulation in this state. I feel like I'm being smothered.

I am supposed to have a definite answer of where we will be moving by Feb. 1st. This was a personal goal of mine set a couple of months ago. Well that's only 11 days away, and I still have no idea. This isn't good at all!

There are a couple of houses that we're looking into but we are having troubles with getting realtors to do their jobs. It almost seems like they DONT want to take our money! Things like this only happen when we aren't supposed to go to a place.

For example - last year we were bound and determined to go to Ames, IA and live in a luxurious apartment. There was problem after problem, all were silly little things that would of worked out in time but we were in a fizz to get things done. I finally got fed up and went looking on realtor.com and BING! we found this place. The buying of this house was so smooth and quick that our heads were spinning for sometime afterwards.

And you know what? This past year in Ames there was flooding on streets we would of been using (not sure if the apt flooded though) and there was a fatal domestic shooting at the business where Darkside was going to work at. It was even on a night that he probably would of been working too! Talk about freaky!

So I try not to get antzy but it's hard.

We still have a long list of problems here.

Currently we have cold water running to 2 faucets, kitchen and tub. Sometimes the drains thaw and we can actually use them. I have no clue why the hot water don't want to work. But I sure am glad the toliet is working. I plan to tell all about our alternative toliet soon.

Since the furnace caught fire we've been using electric heat. After many failed attempts to install the wood stove - we kept getting blow back? - we finally went and bought a new kerosene heater. We used to have one but I finally convinced Darkside to get rid of it -- I think it was older than either one of us and was in poor working order. The new one works GREAT!

In the beginning we tried to only buy K1 but it's so expensive that we had to quit. It's $45 for 5 gallons here. Lately we just buy the kerosene from the gas station, it runs about $18 for 5 gallons. Our old kerosene heater smoked like crazy, this one don't at all! It's so nice! But when we go out I can smell the kerosene on us. Oh well I guess! At least we're warm.

Well for the most part anyway! Last week we had temps of -21F, that felt like -45F !!! Those days we closed up our 3 room apt and used only 2 rooms and prayed that the water didn't freeze up again. It did. But it did thaw quickly (2 days later). Although the drains took longer.

During this time we had -- 30' heat tape on water lines in basement and elec. heater in downstairs. Upstairs we had the oven on 200F door cracked open, elec. heater, and kerosene heater on high. The floor felt almost icy!

Did I mention I hate it here??!!??

I haven't drove the van since early November -- will I remember HOW to drive when warm weather gets here again?

I haven't left the house for about 2 weeks. Last time I left I had to be hand delivered to my seat in the van because it was so slick. I haven't been able to go grocery shopping regularly since early November.

I seriously HATE it here!

All I want is to live in a house that when I go to walk out the door I don't have a flight of stairs to go down first. And where I can walk out my door and walk across FLAT ground and get into the van. (we live on a bluff)

And if I have to think very much more about plumbing I will ABSOLUTELY go insane!

sorry but things here are still real depressing.

January 9, 2009

mental breakdown

Well I'm back to being sane again. seriously!

These past three months have been the biggest roller coaster ride I've been on since last living @ home with my mom! The highs were well, high! and the lows were the pits and the in betweens were just blah!

In the past week or so I had a complete mental breakdown. And you know what? I needed it - crazy I know! But really I'm glad it happened when it did instead of all of that hitting me in the middle of the tax season. I can't handle a breakdown & taxes all at once!

We had an extravagant New Year's Eve party with some close friends. We all had alot of fun and probably drank too much =) But isn't that what the night is all about? Well it's always been that way for us. It's a great night to remember the past, see everyone one last time for the year, then toss it all out and start the new year off right. Gotta get rid of the old to bring in the new!

And I sure can't wait for all the things 2009 is going to bring! As long as there's not as much drama as there was in the last part of 2008 LOL!

On other fronts if you haven't guessed yet I've already started with tax things this year. After last years stimulus checks that were sent out, everyone is making sure their taxes are done early.

My microwave died earlier this week =( It makes me sad because we just bought it about 2 years ago. Why don't things last very long anymore? It's not like we just bought the cheapest one in the store. We spent time doing research to make sure we got the right one for our family and made sure it was by a company that had a history of good products. Still it didn't even last very long. Oh well. I'm going to get a new one tomorrow. This time I'm picking out the cheapest one I can find here in town that has a turntable and is digital!

Oh and the stinking cat that showed up here a couple months ago is in heat ~ BLAH! The dumb thing don't like anyone except #2 - I'd rather toss it out on it's butt than keep it. But no, not me I'm a softie. So I'll be making an appointment for her to get fixed soon. I really can't stand listening to a cat while in heat!! But this is strictly a NO pregnant cat house!

Well things should be slowing down sometime soon so I should be able to get back to posting more regularly. I sure did miss my little spot here on the web!