March 10, 2009

when we moved from Jacksonville, IL to Santa Maria, CA

Back in 1991 Mom & Delos decided we were going to sell off the household things, pack up what we needed in 2 cars and head to Cali where Delos went to school. YEA! It was one crazy idea let me tell you!

We were driving the car and towing the little truck with all our stuff in it. We got 30 miles down the road and BAM! car broke down. I'm not sure what was wrong but when we left from there we no longer were towing the truck, but was driving it.

I'm not sure how long it took for us to get to Santa Maria, but I know it wasn't quick! We stopped in Las Vegas for at least one night! While there we visited my aunt, uncle, & cousin.

While driving my brother and I would switch back and forth between the two vehicles taking turns. My mother would regularly turn it into a race between check points. We always had a check point so we'd never lose each other. Until my mom didn't pay attention and passed it up.

Delos and I stopped in Bakersfield but mom never did. We waited and waited and they never showed. So after about an hour or so Delos tried to get the state police to make a report. They wouldn't. They said to go on to where we were supposed to end our trip then make a report but they would leave a bulletin out -- I guess so if mom made a report?

So Delos and I head off to continue our trip on the predetermined route -- through the mountains. Well Delos has problems with getting sleepy while driving -- of course he wanted to pull over to sleep. So he pulls over -- going up a mountain to sleep. There is no more ground on my side of the truck, which is probably a safe way to do things, but I thought for sure the truck was going to fall off the mountain! Plus it was SO dark! I must of got him spooked too because he said ok when I said I wanted to keep going. We took off and drove all night till we got there.

Mom on the other hand, drove down the wrong road and went through Los Angeles! She was lucky that when she went through Los Angeles it was late at night so they didn't have too much traffic to deal with. When she got to Santa Maria she checked in with the state police and they left a message for Delos of which motel she was at.

Somehow she got there WAY before us. So they got a great night's sleep and we were tired.

Sadly, three months later we made the exact same journey going back home. And that trip was WAY worse! My brother and I rode in the back of the truck all the way back!

March 9, 2009

back home

Well we're still packing and trying to get Mr. T (our house-sitter) settled in here at the house. We're hoping to leave Monday, but I don't see it happening. And since there are storms coming through on Tuesday who knows when we'll get going. But it's ok because we only have 5 billion things we have to show and explain to Mr. T -- anyone whose visited us knows nothing in our house is easy!

But I was sitting and thinking tonight of what to write about tonight -- other than I am sick! -- and realized I've never explain a main staple here in our house - Mom's Mix. I've been making it for about 10 years or so but never has it turned out as good as it has for the past few years.

Don't ask me the logic in I didn't have my OWN recipe perfected but..... HAHA!

Oh and if you didn't already know I spent all my grand naming up on #2 so lots of things have very bland titles in our house! Like Mom's Mix, things, stuff, and etc.

But anyway, Mom's Mix is kinda like Mrs. Dash - a mixture of seasonings with little to no salt (since my BP is high) My newest batch I made in a quart jar so it should last about 3 or 4 months.

Fill the jar up about 1/3 full with either season salt or Mrs. dash
Then fill the next 1/3 - equally with garlic & onion powder (I add more onion because I like it!)
Now on the last 1/3 put a little of each of the spices you have in your cupboard. Include all of them, but you may want to go easy on the baking/sweet ones. And of course don't include more salt!

Lately I've been adding some of my veggies that I dried last fall - once I chopped them up, but I don't always. Sometimes I'll throw the whole thing in the food processor so it gets thoroughly mixed up.

Last you just fill up an old shaker bottle (if you do it right you'll have 1 or 2 left after making this!) - I use an old Parmesan cheese bottle - then use on anything you would use salt & pepper or Mrs. Dash on. It's an absolute on fries, pizza rolls, pizza, and hamburgers in our house.

Oh and on another front -- Darkside heroically saved us $32 tonight!!! We're all so happy! He finally figured out the EASIEST way to replace a car tire onto the rim without taking it to a place to have them do it. He's tried it before, but it's always ended terribly - although the tire has been replaced during those instances. So YEA! He now knows the trick!!! =)


March 6, 2009

my first job

My first job was at Jolly Tamale in J'ville. I was the ripe old age of 16 and about 3 months pregnant. Not a fun job to go to when you first get up and are in the early months of pregnancy!

But it was the first place that would hire me, with a little help from a friend, and it didn't hurt that it was my favorite place to eat. Still is today!

All I did was take orders, give orders, and deal with money. Oh and the occasional odd kitchen duty, like fry taco shells, cut up something, or fill up bottles. But I loved that job!

And it was a VERY clean place - at least from what I seen. Well an easy way to look at it is -- I'd still eat there.

I made $4.50 an hour, which believe it or not was OVER min. wage! But was only paid twice a month or every two weeks -- can't remember now. I just know it took forever to get a check.

Since Kris and I broke up and I had to move further away from the job, I ended up quitting. It didn't help that every time I was in there I wanted to puke! I worked there for about a month total.

March 5, 2009


Well it's official! I change my mind MORE than I do my underwear!!!

Too much info? HAHAHAHA!!

Due to a number of circumstances we will be moving back home to stay with the fil. It may only be for a short while -or- it may be for the next year.

Now to see if this Iowa weather will let me get out of this state!

But a good thing is we found someone to rent the house so it's not sitting empty. I couldn't believe that someone Darkside worked with would even come by let alone ask to help us out! Really he just wants to be closer to work, but hey what do we care??

It won't be any extra money because he's agreed to put the equivalent of rent INTO the house -- which helps us out ALOT. Although we would like the money, who can beat that?

Now to get packing =)


March 4, 2009

Watch "Sicko" next time you're home sick

I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Although yes, I know that the "evidence" in the movie is more than likely slanted & one sided to show what Moore wants shown - it's still a pretty accurate explanation of how the health care system in the US works.

I think it's a great movie for anyone to see so they fully understand the enormity of failure isn't just with them or people they know, but can happen to anyone, and does daily. Plus it's a great tool to show others the levels of which things can go even worse when it comes to health care, because not everyone has seen or heard of the lows that this movie shows.

I've made everyone I care about watch this, with the exception of my father-in-law - haven't had a chance yet.

But if you do watch it be prepared to cry, it's a sad, sad movie. I'm not sure if it's the great sadness you feel for the people shown or from the pain of having the blindfold ripped off.

If you want to borrow my copy just let me know =)

Isn't when you are sick the best time to see what a crappy health care system that is in place?

March 2, 2009


Well we're almost completely all moved. Of course we didn't move far -- just downstairs!! After much deliberation we realized that we are fated to stay right here, so we did.

But with staying here we decided to try to make things a little less cramped and a little easier to deal with. So we have opened the whole house back up & got water running to all areas of the house. Let me tell you -- that was FUN - not!

But it's mostly done now. We're currently cleaning out the basement, which didn't get done last year. We figure since there was an F5 that came through here last year - we stand a good chance of the same type of situation this year and we want to be prepared. That was one of the reasons we liked this house so much --- the basement.

It's now went from 6 people barely being able to fit in -- to 3/4ths of it being empty. Now just to get it washed down and replace the stuff we took out that wasn't trash. Oh and stock it up so we'll be living large during storm season!

The local grocery store has been doing some great deals to get people to shop there. I got a $50 gift card after filling up a loyalty shopper card full of punches -- $500. I was going to spend the money there regardless but this way I got something out of it extra! With the $50 I bought the kids some magazines, cat food, and a NOAA weather radio. This will be such a great addition to my new basement storm setup!

We've been stocking up things because stuff don't look the best for us right now. Darkside quit the job he had because it wasn't a compatible work environment for our family. To put it bluntly, they wanted him to be at work for at least 60 hours a week. We are much more family centered than most and this was just too much time for Dad to be missing. It didn't help that they were a**holes too. This of course wasn't the wisest decision but it was necessary for the health of this family. We're pretty sure that he'll find something else soon. We're not real worried yet but....

Today I didn't do much just make an incognito compost bin. Hehe! I've been going crazy with throwing my food scraps into the trash -- I HATE IT! Remember this? Well I think I have figured out a way around their codes without paying $80 --- a trash can w/lid but with holes drilled into it on the bottom and a few on the sides. Same concept as the commercial types but alot cheaper! Now if it will work.

And yes I know I said I hate it here, and believe me I do -- but I am bound to make it last at least one more year. We just couldn't stretch the money far enough to get a house that we needed and move, let alone get a new vehicle - which was necessary. So although this area & state isn't where we WANT to be - it's where we WILL be until things are better.

It's not all bad here - there are some good points. Back home there is at least one factory closing and jobs are going to be even MORE scarce. And one great point about here is I'm so far away from everyone NO ONE comes to visit!! LOL! Oh and the Kaos King can get a work & driving permit here, which he can't wait to do! He tried today for the driving permit but just barely failed the test. We're going back later this week for him to try again though =) I told him that it's normal for kids to do badly on it at first.

well hopefully I'll be able to post more often now =)