March 6, 2009

my first job

My first job was at Jolly Tamale in J'ville. I was the ripe old age of 16 and about 3 months pregnant. Not a fun job to go to when you first get up and are in the early months of pregnancy!

But it was the first place that would hire me, with a little help from a friend, and it didn't hurt that it was my favorite place to eat. Still is today!

All I did was take orders, give orders, and deal with money. Oh and the occasional odd kitchen duty, like fry taco shells, cut up something, or fill up bottles. But I loved that job!

And it was a VERY clean place - at least from what I seen. Well an easy way to look at it is -- I'd still eat there.

I made $4.50 an hour, which believe it or not was OVER min. wage! But was only paid twice a month or every two weeks -- can't remember now. I just know it took forever to get a check.

Since Kris and I broke up and I had to move further away from the job, I ended up quitting. It didn't help that every time I was in there I wanted to puke! I worked there for about a month total.

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