March 2, 2009


Well we're almost completely all moved. Of course we didn't move far -- just downstairs!! After much deliberation we realized that we are fated to stay right here, so we did.

But with staying here we decided to try to make things a little less cramped and a little easier to deal with. So we have opened the whole house back up & got water running to all areas of the house. Let me tell you -- that was FUN - not!

But it's mostly done now. We're currently cleaning out the basement, which didn't get done last year. We figure since there was an F5 that came through here last year - we stand a good chance of the same type of situation this year and we want to be prepared. That was one of the reasons we liked this house so much --- the basement.

It's now went from 6 people barely being able to fit in -- to 3/4ths of it being empty. Now just to get it washed down and replace the stuff we took out that wasn't trash. Oh and stock it up so we'll be living large during storm season!

The local grocery store has been doing some great deals to get people to shop there. I got a $50 gift card after filling up a loyalty shopper card full of punches -- $500. I was going to spend the money there regardless but this way I got something out of it extra! With the $50 I bought the kids some magazines, cat food, and a NOAA weather radio. This will be such a great addition to my new basement storm setup!

We've been stocking up things because stuff don't look the best for us right now. Darkside quit the job he had because it wasn't a compatible work environment for our family. To put it bluntly, they wanted him to be at work for at least 60 hours a week. We are much more family centered than most and this was just too much time for Dad to be missing. It didn't help that they were a**holes too. This of course wasn't the wisest decision but it was necessary for the health of this family. We're pretty sure that he'll find something else soon. We're not real worried yet but....

Today I didn't do much just make an incognito compost bin. Hehe! I've been going crazy with throwing my food scraps into the trash -- I HATE IT! Remember this? Well I think I have figured out a way around their codes without paying $80 --- a trash can w/lid but with holes drilled into it on the bottom and a few on the sides. Same concept as the commercial types but alot cheaper! Now if it will work.

And yes I know I said I hate it here, and believe me I do -- but I am bound to make it last at least one more year. We just couldn't stretch the money far enough to get a house that we needed and move, let alone get a new vehicle - which was necessary. So although this area & state isn't where we WANT to be - it's where we WILL be until things are better.

It's not all bad here - there are some good points. Back home there is at least one factory closing and jobs are going to be even MORE scarce. And one great point about here is I'm so far away from everyone NO ONE comes to visit!! LOL! Oh and the Kaos King can get a work & driving permit here, which he can't wait to do! He tried today for the driving permit but just barely failed the test. We're going back later this week for him to try again though =) I told him that it's normal for kids to do badly on it at first.

well hopefully I'll be able to post more often now =)


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