March 9, 2009

back home

Well we're still packing and trying to get Mr. T (our house-sitter) settled in here at the house. We're hoping to leave Monday, but I don't see it happening. And since there are storms coming through on Tuesday who knows when we'll get going. But it's ok because we only have 5 billion things we have to show and explain to Mr. T -- anyone whose visited us knows nothing in our house is easy!

But I was sitting and thinking tonight of what to write about tonight -- other than I am sick! -- and realized I've never explain a main staple here in our house - Mom's Mix. I've been making it for about 10 years or so but never has it turned out as good as it has for the past few years.

Don't ask me the logic in I didn't have my OWN recipe perfected but..... HAHA!

Oh and if you didn't already know I spent all my grand naming up on #2 so lots of things have very bland titles in our house! Like Mom's Mix, things, stuff, and etc.

But anyway, Mom's Mix is kinda like Mrs. Dash - a mixture of seasonings with little to no salt (since my BP is high) My newest batch I made in a quart jar so it should last about 3 or 4 months.

Fill the jar up about 1/3 full with either season salt or Mrs. dash
Then fill the next 1/3 - equally with garlic & onion powder (I add more onion because I like it!)
Now on the last 1/3 put a little of each of the spices you have in your cupboard. Include all of them, but you may want to go easy on the baking/sweet ones. And of course don't include more salt!

Lately I've been adding some of my veggies that I dried last fall - once I chopped them up, but I don't always. Sometimes I'll throw the whole thing in the food processor so it gets thoroughly mixed up.

Last you just fill up an old shaker bottle (if you do it right you'll have 1 or 2 left after making this!) - I use an old Parmesan cheese bottle - then use on anything you would use salt & pepper or Mrs. Dash on. It's an absolute on fries, pizza rolls, pizza, and hamburgers in our house.

Oh and on another front -- Darkside heroically saved us $32 tonight!!! We're all so happy! He finally figured out the EASIEST way to replace a car tire onto the rim without taking it to a place to have them do it. He's tried it before, but it's always ended terribly - although the tire has been replaced during those instances. So YEA! He now knows the trick!!! =)


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