May 26, 2009

our other pets

I ran out of time yesterday to mention about our other pets.

First - #3 found a baby alligator snapping turtle out in the yard a couple days ago. Since he's always wanted a turtle we're attempting to keep it for at least the summer. Not so sure it'll be any longer than that because inside heated space is at a premium here! But we went to the local pet store and bought it some turtle food and some guppies. This is like day 4 and it's eating the turtle food and 1 guppy is gone.

Fred, our dog, is really liking it out here. He still has a school bus to bark at everyday (the neighbor kids) and MUCH more yard to run in. He's been chasing off birds & coons like crazy! Unfortunately we are still having problems with him not liking anyone except us & SR. So if anyone comes over we stick him in the kennel. He's gotten alot better with the little neighbor boy that comes over everyday.

Boots, the cat, is loving it out here too! We got her fixed after she went in heat for the first time in January. So we don't have anything to worry about except her getting hit by a car. She has killed about 25 mice so far! Even SR likes her now LOL! She also had a small squirrel one day but I'm unsure if it was her or the neighbor's cat because she didn't keep it. I don't think mice will be very bad here this winter =)

There's always more, but I'm trying not to overwhelm everyone!


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