May 25, 2009


It's a couple of days later but here's the more I was talking about =)

When we got here SR bought 6 hens & 1 rooster -- Araucana/Americana breed variety. When one died, he went and bought 3 more. So we were supposed to have 8 hens & 1 rooster -- not so! It was more like 3 roosters & 6 hens! He was heated over that LOL!

Then the gnats hit. We lost 6 - almost all in one day. It really bothered SR since he'd paid so much for them.

I finally talked SR into getting some more, but this time getting some that are full grown and already laying. He finally agreed. There was a lady on Craigslist that had some 2 year old Rhode Island Reds for $8 a piece. We went and picked up 5 of them.

While there we got ahold of 4 RI Reds and then the other one was a silver-laced wyandotte. They are GREAT layers! And adjusted quite well here with little transition lag. Although they are a little agressive toward the younger 3 A/As that we have. For anyone who is not sure on what they look like here's some pictures -

This is a Rhode Island Red. We have 4 hens.

This is a Silver-laced Wyandotte. We have 1 hen.

These are Araucana/Americana chickens. They come in alot of different variations. SR wanted to start breeding these -- that's why he had them. We now only have 3 hens.

Also while at that farm to pick up the hens we also got 2 bunnies. The kids have been wanting some for quite awhile. Unfortunately Darkside thought he picked up 2 does and he didn't. They are 2 bucks. Oh well, doesn't matter much to us since we weren't attempting to get SR back into rabbits!

I'll write more later! Just way too much to write about -- life right now is in HYPER fast forward!


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