May 20, 2009

back home

Talk about a big mess! Everything and anything that we thought was going to happen didn't. Oh well that's how things here usually work =)

First we sold the house. We didn't know it but the guy who bought it was only doing it for the city although that's not what we were lead to believe during the negotiations. But who cares! We managed to only lose $200 + taxes & repairs from the price we paid for the house, so we did pretty good.

But we didn't end up with enough money to be able to go get a new place. Rent here is VERY expensive, plus the only thing I could find was 2 bedrooms - no one would rent to all of us for a small place like that.

So we worked out a deal to stay with Darkside's dad for the next year. To do this it was necessary to add a room on to his house, which we did.

We also got an actual garden!

More about all this tomorrow, I'm a little under the weather these past few days and need more sleep.


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