May 21, 2009

back home

Well when we talked to Darkside's dad (SR) about staying here for the next year, the biggest concern for everyone was whether or not there was going to be enough room for everyone. Cause SR's house is pretty small, which is fine for just him, but you could see the problem for all of us.

So we sat back and took into consideration all the possibilities of how to work things. We quickly decided that another room was needed - at least.

So some things we have changed or are still planning to change:
  • fixed the shower
  • cleaned out the house
  • cleaned out the shed
  • hauled off stuff SR didn't want or I convinced him he didn't need!! LOL!
  • planted strawberries
  • planted some pretty stuff around front tree
  • tilled & half planted the new garden
  • planted some berry bushes in each corner of the garden
  • planted all my herbs into pots
  • attempted to clean the blinds -- did NOT work!
And the main thing is add a room! It was difficult, and took alot of brain power, but it's done (mostly) and it is VERY nice.

It's about 9.5 feet square, which is perfect for the two of us. I've got enough room to have my armoire, dresser, desk, and bed (of course!). Yes it's cramped but I don't mind -- everything has it's place and I'll know if it's not there =)

The outside is completely finished except for paint but the inside............. well, that's another story! It only has temporary power (a drop cord), the floor isn't covered or sealed yet, and the insulation & drywall will have to be put in later (before winter). But it'll all be finished soon =)

And Darkside got a job offer yesterday too! If everything works out with it we'll be all set!

I am so happy! Things are really falling into place nicely.

There's more but I'll have to write it tomorrow.


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