June 25, 2009


After dreaming about being at the bar and everything the other night - the news I received on Sunday was just a little shocking.

We went to the bar Saturday night and had a pretty good time (more on that in a different post). We did spend the majority of our time out back because it was so packed. Since we were outside Darkside only got to request one song and we didn't even get to hear it. But things were like any other weekend pretty much.

On Sunday afternoon a friend of ours texted us to tell about something they had heard from someone. The dj committed suicide that morning at home.

Once I read the text I went into the house and showed Darkside & SR and we all just kinda sat there stunned for a minute.

This was very shocking and I'm not exactly sure what to think of it still, days later.

Darkside was just getting into bringing in music for him each week.

I just really don't know.


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