June 3, 2009

play with a computer

Do you know what else I did this weekend? I got to play with a computer that wasn't mine -- it was a complete mess! I LOVED every minute of it!

Don't get me wrong, it aggravated the hell out of me -- but I got it fixed in the end! I spent 16 hours on it over 3 days altogether.

After taking it in and not saying how much I would charge to fix it, I realized how badly I needed to set up a charge system. So when I returned the computer to it's owner I told them - "sorry but I am charging you $25 - this time, next time will be MUCH more!"

Here's what I come up with - $25/3 hours of work | +$25/any editting of system files by hand

I've been hem/hauling around about doing some work for SR's brother because I wasn't sure what to charge --- now I know!

But I sure do love going through someone else's cp & deleting all the stuff that is built up!


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