June 19, 2009

How I make herbed bread crumbs

I did a little photo tutorial the other day and I wanted to share it. I know that this has been done probably a million times, but one more won't hurt!

How I make herbed bread crumbs -

Start with any leftover breads you have. This can be buns, white bread, anything besides overly sweet bread. What I normally do is save all heels, extra buns or toast and put them in a baggie of some sort and throw them in the freezer. Then once a month or so I get them all out and sit them somewhere to air dry. If I'm in a hurry I'll throw it in the oven and turn it on till it gets hot then shut it back off. That usually dries it out pretty quick. Be careful though -- it can & will burn if you forget! (can ya tell I did that? LOL!)

But anyway once it's dry you just throw it in a food processor and chop it up. Then if you want you can add herbs, seasonings, or even Parmesan cheese. Bread crumbs made like this will last forever pretty much in a jar. I have gallon jars from pickles that I like to use for them.

New term for me here is home. Home means one of the following -- grown here at home, dried here at home, canned here at home, or made here at home. Not real original I know but....?

My dried home herbs are grown and dried here at home. They are a mix of 2 kinds of basil, lemon thyme, rosemary, sage, mint, and oregano.

We used these bread crumbs for meatballs that we made and pre-cooked, then froze for later this month. Haven't tried them yet, but I'm sure they're tasty!

Anyway here's the pictorial =)


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