June 25, 2009

went out

I said I'd explain more about our night out Saturday, well here it is. =)

We had a pretty good time. I was able to get ready in less than an hour *YEA!* but that didn't include lashes. I couldn't get them to work for some reason? But I did get to use my new gel liner, I really like it!

I got to try a new shot that I seen someone on youtube do, it's called a Hand Job. Darkside had fun going up and asking one of the female bartenders for that! LOL! It don't particularly taste the greatest, but very potent.

But the only down side to the whole night was when a friend said I was mouthy. That just shocked the hell out of me! I've been trying to unbiasedly look at my self and my actions of now and in the past - especially around this person - and I just don't see how they could say that. Nope just drawing a blank of why they would say that.

You know maybe it's all just a big joke? a mind game? That's the only thing I can come up with. If so then that's crap!

*edited to add* that it was just completely rude for someone to say something like that. I would never do something like that to someone.

Oh well. as they say life goes on....


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