June 18, 2009

I want my kids to learn honesty, good personal values, respect, and to learn & observe.

I believe that honesty is the most important lesson anyone can teach their kids because when your honest to yourself & others everything is easier. And I think it's far harder to learn to be honest than anything. This is something I was NOT taught as a child but had to learn as an adult. I believe it's never too late to learn honesty either!

good personal values
Without good personal values you are no one, except another follower. Personal values are not something that are set in stone to never change though. That is where alot of people stray. They are things that are constantly changing as you grow and experience life.

I try to teach my children to respect themselves & others and how respect is earned. I believe that it is necessary to learn how to respect so that you may receive the respect you deserve.

to learn & observe
This is the hardest thing to teach children especially when all they want to do is -go,go,go!- But in order to live a full life it is necessary to continually learn and you can learn alot by just observing. Not only observe and learn about what is around them at the current time, but also what happened in the past and in other areas of the world.

Really I guess this should be number 1 on this list because if you teach a child to learn usually they will do the rest of these with the knowledge they will learn. But I am a real stickler on honesty.

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