June 5, 2009

garden update

I wanted to give an update to our garden, among other things.

Everything seems to be doing pretty good. One blueberry bush is a bit punier than the other. The green beans didn't sprout so well, but I've noticed with some of the seeds we planted it's kinda hit or miss. Maybe it's cause we supervised the kids doing it, instead of doing it ourselves. Oh and some of the eggplants are not looking so great.

I've already harvested a small amount of herbs YEA! I hurried up and dehydrated them to save for later. I've already used some and boy do they taste great! But I do think I crowded some of my herb plants, so I may have to separate them eventually. I've also started some sweet basil from seeds and they are finally sprouting.

And in just 2 short months I have already stocked up with a year's (or more!) supply of mouth hygiene products --- I LOVE living by a Walgreens & CVS!

I've also been stocking up on other things a little at a time. Like for instance I have a couple month's supply of tea bags, salad dressing, bbq sauce, seasonings, and air freshener.

I already had about a year's supply of shampoo & conditioner and laundry detergent.

I think this month is going to be a good month cause I already have a ton of coupons ready to go shopping. SR is always giving me shit about my coupons, but I LOVE them! And they do help out quite a bit. (although I've yet to go to the store and get $200-300 worth of groceries and only pay $50-100, came close a couple times - but not quite)


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