June 20, 2009

only in my dream, thankfully....!

Well I just woke up from having it so hopefully it's still fresh in my mind =)

The dream starts out like any other Friday night pretty much (not the last 2 though). We're heading from picking up someone and going to the bar. We get there and it's pretty much like a normal Friday night.

Till it's time to leave, that's when things get weird. The bouncers and bartenders are picking and choosing who gets to go home with who. And they are basing their choices on safety. Like for example there's this guy that came there on a bike that they don't think can ride it home, or even walk home for that matter, and they ask us to take him home. A little odd, I know, but we vaguely knew the guy and I was like - Wow! it's cool they are looking out for their customers, so we take him home.

Then on Saturday night we went out alone, but for some reason Darkside had to leave. So I start listening in on this other groups conversation and notice that one couple is trying to talk this cute little thing into going home with their single guy friend. When they walk up to the door to leave, I figure what the hell I'll leave too, and I get up and follow.

That's when it gets super weird. The bouncer tells that cute little thing she can't leave if she plans on going home with that single guy, unless she passes their live remote with 2 of the lady bartenders that had the night off. WHAT?! So she goes back into the line and is attempting to correct her makeup and hair -- I guess trying to look less drunk? And the bouncers are hollering next, so I by pass that group and walk up to the door. I get up there and they say -- oh, ok, your fine, Have a good night -- and wave me out the door.

Then I woke up.

I know why I had this dream - cause we plan to go out tonight.

The whole guy on the bike things is because I overheard someone say that there is this one guy who rides his bike up there and then gets too drunk to ride it home.

Darkside leaves the second night because it was discussed that if he kept working weekends how I wasn't going to the bar without him (it scares me to do that!).

Over hearing that exchange with the cute girl & that couple is something that would NOT surprise me at all at that bar.

The whole live remote things & the fixing of the makeup and hair is probably because I've become kinda addicted to watching youtube lately, and they are mostly makeup tutorials (LOL!).

The whole bouncers looking out for the customers thing is something from my subconscious. I always feel so bad to see people there at the bar making decisions that otherwise they wouldn't if they wasn't drunk. And I always feel bad to know that someone could of walked or like above rode a bike to there but can't realistically do the same going home. I know that it's their own fault for putting their selves in that position but it still makes me feel bad.

What surprised me about the whole thing is other than fact I believe there was a larger dance floor it was exactly the same bar we go to. And how real and exact the bouncers & bartenders looked. Makes me wonder if I haven't been looking just a tad to much at them! LOL!

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