June 4, 2009

hit 2 deer =(

Well last night on the way to town -- to go coupon shopping -- I hit 2 deer. Yes 2 !! One right after the other (about 2 sec. between). I was going about 60 mph and not paying real close attention -- I was thinking about all the great deals I was going to be getting.

Plus you can't see crap that's in the ditches because no one has mowed the highway edges this year -- that grass is REALLY tall. But I would of never thought it was tall enough to hide 2 deer!

The car now looks like this -

I was planning on trading this car in on a new/different car -- NOT NOW! The hood is ruined, although it still latches. The headlight cover and brights light bulb need to be replaced too. Oh and the most lovely part? there is a small hole in the radiator. That's always fun & cheap to replace -- NOT!

But everyone in the car is fine, no injuries or anything. I'm thinking everything went smoothly because of the profile of the car.

The deer, unfortunately, are both dead -- instantly (thankfully!). I feel bad that they died but glad it was quick.

Darkside got called in to start working -- YEA!! But now we need him to be working on the car -- figures! UGH! He should be able to get it fixed in the next day or two.


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