June 2, 2009

going out to the bar

Wow I just realized it's been couple days since I lasted posted! I'm slacking! LOL!

It's because every weekend we've been going out to the bar with SR. Even though that's only on Friday & Saturday nights I usually spend Sunday recovering LOL! then I get knocked off track.

You see except for recently, we've not had the opportunity to go out to the bars. Well there was that time back in 2000 when we went 3 times.... of course I had just turned 21 that year....

But SR goes every weekend - hardly ever misses actually. He kept harping on us to come up and meet all his friends, so we caved. And since then we've been going regularly too.

Although I hate to admit it, it's quite fun! I love being able to see people I knew in a past life and see how they've change (good or bad). I also love people watching. Oh and one of the best parts - listening to music at a loud setting!

But that's the reason I keep getting thrown off on my regular posting =)
I'll try harder this week, promise!


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