July 30, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow

This week I'm going to be lazy and mainly post some pics =)

Did you see our new toy? YEA!! Finally we can till whenever we want!

Also wanted to share about our rooster, he's starting to crow. And he's feeling very cocky can't you tell? LOL!

This last week we've done tons of pickling and dehydrating. Tonight we did 2 batches of jam too. Now I have to wait till I go grocery shopping to do anymore canning (that's Sat.).

Tomorrow we will begin planting the rest of the fall garden. Here's what we got - 2 small kinds of cucumbers, more zucchini, tomatillos, peas, 2 more tomatoes, baby corn, more onions, broccoli, more green beans, and more radishes. I already foresee problems with the tomatoes and tomatillos, but oh well, we'll try!


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July 29, 2009

I was drinking Red Snappers...

Lots to tell about, just not been feeling too chatty. Plus, things have been so hectic and busy here.

Last weekend was our 11th anniversary. We didn't do anything special, which was perfectly fine with me! =)

We did go out both nights. Friday night I got drunk, but not so much Saturday night. I was drinking Red Snappers for the most part both nights. I found out about these little beauties from this video -

I think this has the potential of replacing my usual amaretto sour! On Friday night after last call had been made and we were heading out the door, a guy we've met up there was trying to unload a jagger bomb on Darkside. Since Darkside is my designated driver, I gracefully took the shot for him --- YUCK!!! I think that is why I was so sick for half of Saturday!

There's much more but I will have to tell more on it later. Tomorrow I'll post on the garden updates =)


July 24, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Stupid Anne! STUPID %#*%%#@!! &*#@&*!

Sorry had to do it! We now have powdery mildew. And it's probably my fault.

I bought some marked down herbs about a week ago from Walmart. I thought that the rosemary looked funny but I just figured it was because it was being killed. LOL! Nope it has powdery mildew.

Which in and of itself ain't too bad. My herbs are about 75 feet away from the rest of the garden.

That. ain't. far. enough. at all!

Now the jack o' lanterns have it. Also, the spaghetti squash and zucchini.

So first we hacked some of the badly affected leaves off the pumpkins.

Next we are going to try a milk spray. I sure hope it works.

Some better news. The reason I'm posting this Friday instead of Thursday is I spent yesterday dealing with powdery mildew and I canned 5 quarts of cucumber dill relish! That used up 8 pounds of cucumbers. I have another 11 pounds ready for sweet relish too, gotta get more jars. I've also been dehydrating zucchini like crazy.

Here's a crazy looking cuke that I used for relish yesterday. It's like this because it grew around a fence panel =) Taken with my phone - not a great pic, but I was very busy! Oh and don't be alarmed with my orangish cuke LOL! I've found that alot of them are like this when they don't get picked like they are supposed to --hidden-- =)

I also finally got the rest of my box done. Right side we did last week, left side just last night.

Here's the planting order from r-l, radishes (2 kinds), carrots (2 kinds) ----that's the right half ---- onions (2 kinds) ---- 1 pot is huckleberries & 1 pot is bunching onions. I'm messing with this because the ground here has never been worked and it is VERY compacted. So I'm hoping that by doing a raised bed that I will be able to get some good root crops =) Here's my radishes already!

so it's a growin' ! =)


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July 22, 2009

shopping today

Did some shopping today.

Went in and bought 33 items for $23.39. I saved $47.46. Still have $5.98 in ECBs to spend.

Went in and bought 29 items for $24.19. I saved $44.75. Still have $1.00 in RRs to spend.

Finally bought a dehydrator!! YEA! And got some more soil for my root crop box.

Bought 2 fruit roll trays to go with dehydrator and the Ball Blue Book of Preserving.

I was gone for over 3 hours and came home exhausted! Never thought just shopping would be draining - but it is.


July 17, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow

I'm going to start participating with How Does Your Garden Grow from AHighAndNobleCalling.com every Thursday.

Yes, I know that today is Friday -- I'm late! But I had a very busy Thursday and just now getting around to doing a post. =)

Our garden has been doing really good compared to others in the area. I really though more things would have been done by now, but this area has been cooler than normal this year. (I'm not complaining!!)

For instance our tomatoes, we've only got 2 yellow and 3 red all medium sized. And only about a dozen cherry. This is one of the yellow ones -- we ate it later that night.

But on the other hand our spaghetti squash is doing great! Spaghetti squash is a winter squash but seeing how mature some of these are already I wonder if they will be ready quicker than the "book" says. dunno yet.

This part of the garden I'm not so sure about (this is the end that the tomatoes are on too). First of all towards this end all the plants seem to be stunted. Plus some of these things I've never grown or seen growing. Starting from outside to inside of the garden -- red cabbage (seems ok), eggplant (3 kinds, not sure), seedings of basil (ok), garlic (mmm?), hot peppers (got 3 so far - not good), leeks (no clue?), and then sweet peppers (not doing good at all). Beans are to the left on this picture and the first planting are doing great! (2nd planting to fill in where 1st ones didn't take - doing good)

This is our biggest watermelon. We have them trellised and they seem to be doing pretty good.

Here's the mini pumpkins, which DO NOT have small leaves (although they are mini to regular pumpkins leaves).

Here's the largest jack-o-lantern pumpkin. We have about 4 that we've found so far. We are trellising these guys too. This working pretty well, I do know that they take up way less space this way.

And here is my corn =)

I'll do the potted stuff some other time soon! This post is already too long!
Oh and I just got some more seeds in the mail today so I'll have even more garden stuff to talk about real soon =)


July 16, 2009

I won!

Look what I was sooo lucky to win --


I started watching alot of youtube videos about 2 months ago. One of my FAVORITE channels is everydaydrinkers (http://www.youtube.com/everydaydrinkers). Derrick seems like such a great guy (you know normal) and he is cute!! (Darkside is sure to love knowing that! LOL!)

On their website they were holding a drawing during the month of June for a bottle of POM Wonderful and a POM pourer. To enter all you needed to do was tell how you use POM Wonderful in your drinks and if not why. I was honest and told how I'd never even tasted POM Wonderful before, let alone use it in my drinks!

Then a couple days later I went and bought a bottle. WOW! That juice is FRESH & PURE! My plan was to use it in a fuzzy navel to add a twist and some color. Well I didn't get to do that, not an alcoholic version anyway! But the kids really liked the non-alcoholic version.

So when I went to the bar I was going to have them do something similar but using grenadine. Well little did I know but what I thought was a fuzzy navel wasnt! I always thought a fuzzy navel was peach schnapps, vodka, and orange juice ---- no! At the bar we go to they do peach schnapps and orange juice, that's it. So unless I want to specifically request it the way I want it, which will be a pain, it's a no go.

I plan to buy some peach schnapps and some more vodka soon, just not sure when. I used all my vodka to start cherry cordial. I can't wait till I get to try it! (<--both the new fuzzy naval & cherry cordial) With the left over POM and the FREE bottle I won, I plan to make some jelly! I'm soo happy that I even won!


Here's the video where he mentions the winners (he says Annie LOL!) -

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July 13, 2009


I just entered in two different giveaways on Daily Essentials and Deals that are real cool.

The first one is for a surprise box of Carolina Pad stationary. Their new this year collection chit-chat is just too cute! Definitely something we are going to be needing soon for the school year! If you want to sign up click here.

The second one is for a 20 piece set from Rubbermaid. This is something I'm going to need to check into because the lids snap together. No more lost lids! We're always searching for a lid around here. And if you'd like to sign up for this one click here.

got my fingers crossed.... =)


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July 10, 2009


Pickling cucumbersImage via Wikipedia
As I type this -- dead tired, might I add! -- Darkside is pulling the last three jars from the canner. The sad part is the only reason it's the last 3 is because we ran out of vinegar! We started the canning at 10:30 PM and it's almost 3:30 AM!! The canner takes FOREVER to boil.

I almost wonder if it's going too slow? It seems even slower than our electric stove last year!

But anyway that's like 15 quart jars of pickled zucchini and 1 pint pickled onions. I still have more zucchini and cucumbers to do!

Oh and the bucket of green beans we pulled out tonight too. (snapped, cleaned, and ready to go!)

I'm tired even thinking about it!


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July 8, 2009


Preserved foodImage via Wikipedia
For the past couple of days I have been processing things for winter, either by canning it or freezing it to can when it's cooler out.

Here's what I've made so far -
  • cherry jelly (canned 8 half pints)
  • spiced blueberry jam (frozen 4 batches)
  • cherry jam (frozen 1 batch)
  • veggie relish (canned 5 half pints, 3 bowls in fridge)
I got the recipes for the last 3 from a book I received from paperbackswap. It's called Better Homes and Gardens Canning & Preserving Recipes. So far they taste great! If anyone wants a certain recipe just holler and I'll post it.

Aldi's has some more blueberries, strawberries, and cherries on sale for pretty cheap (although free is better!) so I'm sure I'll be doing more.

Plus, I still have zucchini and 2 watermelons to do something with! The only drawback is I only have 12 pint jars.


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July 6, 2009

started harvesting!

On Saturday Darkside went out to the garden and picked some zucchini ---

and to think I was worried there wasn't enough plants! I think there will be plenty! We've also been getting a few tomatoes everyday or so.

I really don't think this is going to work living with SR. We only did it out of necessity but I'm having a hard time trying to adjust. To put it bluntly he's an ass. Oh, and he don't communicate. I really, really think it's nearing the end.


July 3, 2009

picked free cherries

Cherry treeImage via Wikipedia
We was offered an opportunity to pick the neighbor pie cherries because they will be out of town for the next week and the cherries are ready. We did this last year through a lady of freecycle too.

Just last year realized I like Bing cherries, for the longest time I hated ALL cherries. That is because I don't like maraschino cherries. For some reason I thought all cherries tasted the same -- they don't! And now I have a deep love affair with Bing cherries

But pie cherries - I can't eat them plain! They are just too sour/tart/whatever it is. LOL! They sure do make good pies though.

We got a good icing bucket full and still have more to pick off one branch that was too high up. With these cherries we are going to make canned pie filling, freeze some, and cherry cordial liqueur.

It sure is good to get something for free (well except all the ways to preserve them!).

oh and a side note everything is fruiting like crazy! We've picked 6 zucchinis, 3 hot peppers, and a handful of tomatoes. We have fruits on everything else - YEA!


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