July 24, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Stupid Anne! STUPID %#*%%#@!! &*#@&*!

Sorry had to do it! We now have powdery mildew. And it's probably my fault.

I bought some marked down herbs about a week ago from Walmart. I thought that the rosemary looked funny but I just figured it was because it was being killed. LOL! Nope it has powdery mildew.

Which in and of itself ain't too bad. My herbs are about 75 feet away from the rest of the garden.

That. ain't. far. enough. at all!

Now the jack o' lanterns have it. Also, the spaghetti squash and zucchini.

So first we hacked some of the badly affected leaves off the pumpkins.

Next we are going to try a milk spray. I sure hope it works.

Some better news. The reason I'm posting this Friday instead of Thursday is I spent yesterday dealing with powdery mildew and I canned 5 quarts of cucumber dill relish! That used up 8 pounds of cucumbers. I have another 11 pounds ready for sweet relish too, gotta get more jars. I've also been dehydrating zucchini like crazy.

Here's a crazy looking cuke that I used for relish yesterday. It's like this because it grew around a fence panel =) Taken with my phone - not a great pic, but I was very busy! Oh and don't be alarmed with my orangish cuke LOL! I've found that alot of them are like this when they don't get picked like they are supposed to --hidden-- =)

I also finally got the rest of my box done. Right side we did last week, left side just last night.

Here's the planting order from r-l, radishes (2 kinds), carrots (2 kinds) ----that's the right half ---- onions (2 kinds) ---- 1 pot is huckleberries & 1 pot is bunching onions. I'm messing with this because the ground here has never been worked and it is VERY compacted. So I'm hoping that by doing a raised bed that I will be able to get some good root crops =) Here's my radishes already!

so it's a growin' ! =)


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Stephanie said...

There is a remedy for the powdery mildew using a baking soda solution. I posted some natural herbicides last week and that one was in there. Hope you get it taken care of! But your garden looks beautiful! Thanks for participating!