July 17, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow

I'm going to start participating with How Does Your Garden Grow from AHighAndNobleCalling.com every Thursday.

Yes, I know that today is Friday -- I'm late! But I had a very busy Thursday and just now getting around to doing a post. =)

Our garden has been doing really good compared to others in the area. I really though more things would have been done by now, but this area has been cooler than normal this year. (I'm not complaining!!)

For instance our tomatoes, we've only got 2 yellow and 3 red all medium sized. And only about a dozen cherry. This is one of the yellow ones -- we ate it later that night.

But on the other hand our spaghetti squash is doing great! Spaghetti squash is a winter squash but seeing how mature some of these are already I wonder if they will be ready quicker than the "book" says. dunno yet.

This part of the garden I'm not so sure about (this is the end that the tomatoes are on too). First of all towards this end all the plants seem to be stunted. Plus some of these things I've never grown or seen growing. Starting from outside to inside of the garden -- red cabbage (seems ok), eggplant (3 kinds, not sure), seedings of basil (ok), garlic (mmm?), hot peppers (got 3 so far - not good), leeks (no clue?), and then sweet peppers (not doing good at all). Beans are to the left on this picture and the first planting are doing great! (2nd planting to fill in where 1st ones didn't take - doing good)

This is our biggest watermelon. We have them trellised and they seem to be doing pretty good.

Here's the mini pumpkins, which DO NOT have small leaves (although they are mini to regular pumpkins leaves).

Here's the largest jack-o-lantern pumpkin. We have about 4 that we've found so far. We are trellising these guys too. This working pretty well, I do know that they take up way less space this way.

And here is my corn =)

I'll do the potted stuff some other time soon! This post is already too long!
Oh and I just got some more seeds in the mail today so I'll have even more garden stuff to talk about real soon =)



Alea said...

Your garden looks wonderful!

The odd weather has affected so many gardens this year. We had more rain than usual, which just seemed to help the weed. ;-) But at least the cooler weather was good for my lettuces and peas. We just started a heat wave last week, so I am really have to watch the plants carefully so they don't fry.

Anne M. said...

that's what I've been worried about happening here - but it hasn't yet, thankfully!