July 3, 2009

picked free cherries

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We was offered an opportunity to pick the neighbor pie cherries because they will be out of town for the next week and the cherries are ready. We did this last year through a lady of freecycle too.

Just last year realized I like Bing cherries, for the longest time I hated ALL cherries. That is because I don't like maraschino cherries. For some reason I thought all cherries tasted the same -- they don't! And now I have a deep love affair with Bing cherries

But pie cherries - I can't eat them plain! They are just too sour/tart/whatever it is. LOL! They sure do make good pies though.

We got a good icing bucket full and still have more to pick off one branch that was too high up. With these cherries we are going to make canned pie filling, freeze some, and cherry cordial liqueur.

It sure is good to get something for free (well except all the ways to preserve them!).

oh and a side note everything is fruiting like crazy! We've picked 6 zucchinis, 3 hot peppers, and a handful of tomatoes. We have fruits on everything else - YEA!


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