July 16, 2009

I won!

Look what I was sooo lucky to win --


I started watching alot of youtube videos about 2 months ago. One of my FAVORITE channels is everydaydrinkers (http://www.youtube.com/everydaydrinkers). Derrick seems like such a great guy (you know normal) and he is cute!! (Darkside is sure to love knowing that! LOL!)

On their website they were holding a drawing during the month of June for a bottle of POM Wonderful and a POM pourer. To enter all you needed to do was tell how you use POM Wonderful in your drinks and if not why. I was honest and told how I'd never even tasted POM Wonderful before, let alone use it in my drinks!

Then a couple days later I went and bought a bottle. WOW! That juice is FRESH & PURE! My plan was to use it in a fuzzy navel to add a twist and some color. Well I didn't get to do that, not an alcoholic version anyway! But the kids really liked the non-alcoholic version.

So when I went to the bar I was going to have them do something similar but using grenadine. Well little did I know but what I thought was a fuzzy navel wasnt! I always thought a fuzzy navel was peach schnapps, vodka, and orange juice ---- no! At the bar we go to they do peach schnapps and orange juice, that's it. So unless I want to specifically request it the way I want it, which will be a pain, it's a no go.

I plan to buy some peach schnapps and some more vodka soon, just not sure when. I used all my vodka to start cherry cordial. I can't wait till I get to try it! (<--both the new fuzzy naval & cherry cordial) With the left over POM and the FREE bottle I won, I plan to make some jelly! I'm soo happy that I even won!


Here's the video where he mentions the winners (he says Annie LOL!) -

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