July 30, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow

This week I'm going to be lazy and mainly post some pics =)

Did you see our new toy? YEA!! Finally we can till whenever we want!

Also wanted to share about our rooster, he's starting to crow. And he's feeling very cocky can't you tell? LOL!

This last week we've done tons of pickling and dehydrating. Tonight we did 2 batches of jam too. Now I have to wait till I go grocery shopping to do anymore canning (that's Sat.).

Tomorrow we will begin planting the rest of the fall garden. Here's what we got - 2 small kinds of cucumbers, more zucchini, tomatillos, peas, 2 more tomatoes, baby corn, more onions, broccoli, more green beans, and more radishes. I already foresee problems with the tomatoes and tomatillos, but oh well, we'll try!


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Anonymous said...

I wish that I could do a fall garden but our growing season is only 100 days and I do not have a greenhouse that will work in the winter.

congrats on the new toy by the way. =D

Elaine H

Desiree said...

Nice toy! We just got one that attaches to the weed eater. It seems to do a good job.

Anne M. said...

Elaine - this is something new we're gonna try not sure how well it'll work =) thanks btw!

Desiree - where did ya get that at? that would be so cool!