August 25, 2009

garden update

shiny clean jars, check!Image by Chris Radcliff via Flickr
Yesterday I was able to get more jars thankfully! Why is it that all stores see canning as a seasonal thing? It's not! You can do it year round.

I had to go to 2 different stores to pick up 6 more cases. I really wish I could of found some at a yard sale or something. I've spent probably about $200 on jars this year alone! It's a good thing that they can be reused!

I've only got about 12 jars of stuff that I've gave away in the last year. I've not got even 1 jar back.

Salsa in the rawImage by SuziJane via Flickr

I've got enough tomatoes ready to go for salsa, but I don't have enough peppers. They just aren't growing for me this year at all.

apple butterImage by jonbro via Flickr

Next I'm gonna start hitting up all the people I've seen with apple trees in their yards for free apples! Apple butter here I come!


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