August 5, 2009


Tonight I went to CVS and let me say it again --- I LOVE THAT STORE!!

I used to love Walgreen's even more than CVS until about 2 weeks ago. Let me explain since I haven't already. I've just been so mad that I couldn't even talk about it though.

I went into Walgreen's and got 2 sets of transactions in my cart. I sent the Kaos King and #3 to do the first transaction. They had no problems. While they were doing that I added a whole bunch more to my transaction, which is usual for me =) They got done, brought me the RR's and we head up to the register. There is one cashier I've already had problems with the week before -- it's her checking us out. We go through and while scanning some stuff I realize something was much higher than I thought. So I tell her I don't want it and she has someone else come over to remove it. After having the other cashier do that she tells her to just finish checking us out. I'm thinking GREAT! Then it comes time to scan in all my RR's -- they scan in but won't print out anymore! Although I finish the transaction and go outside I'm fuming! So I send Darkside in to ask for my RR's that didn't print out. That bitchy cashier was back and she says - you'll have to ask my manager to do it tomorrow because I don't know how -- WHAT?!?! So I go cool off for a little while then go back and send the Kaos King and the P0P princess in to return all of it that I was supposed to get the RR's on. And wouldn't you know it that heifer figured out how to get the money back on my card!

And on top of all this while in there returning that stuff the kids said they need to use the restrooms (you have to ask to be let in these) and that bitch told the P0P princess that she HAD to leave her purse at the front register! Another nice cashier said she would watch it. WTF?!?! My daughter has never even done anything suspicious let alone steal! UGH! I'm still mad over this! Especially since the other Walgreen's at the opposite end of town has open bathrooms, a person can go in there with their purse anytime. ?@?@$?^?#$?@#@#?$#%!!!!!!!

So as you can tell I'm done with Walgreen's.

On to tonight at CVS. (2 transactions)

Here's everything I got =)
  • 4 Mt. Dew 12 packs (didn't know it was only for 3 days LOL!)
  • 5 Skippy peanut butters
  • 2 Stayfree pads
  • 2 gallons of milk
  • 2 bottles of Downy
  • 2 bottles of Dawn
  • 2 boxes of Tide
  • 1 CG LashBlast (black)
  • 1 Chex Mix
  • 1 CVS Mouthwash
Here's the coupons I used -
  • $1 Stayfree printable
  • $1 Stayfree printable
  • $4 CVS print-out ($4/$20)
  • $0.25 Dawn (newspaper 8/3)
  • $0.25 Dawn (newspaper 8/3)
  • $0.25 Downy (newspaper 8/3)
  • $0.25 Downy (newspaper 8/3)
  • $1 Tide (newspaper 8/3)
  • $1 Tide (newspaper 8/3)
  • $2.59 CVS print-out (free mouthwash)
  • $3 ECB's
  • $5 ECB's
  • $5 CVS mailer ($5/$15)
Here's what I paid -

$53.62 ---- $2.43 an item ----- $9 ECB's left

The CG LashBlast was supposed to be free but it wasn't so the cashier printed out a $9 ECB for me =)


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