September 29, 2009

fall/winter garden

Not at my computer right now and found this helpful link and want to remember it for later --   I was starting to get really worried about my plants since it got down to 42 last night. After seeing this page I realize that I had nothing to worry about.


September 26, 2009

new stuff

Well this last week hasn't been the best for me. I had a "re-lapse" of sorts, sorry for my lack of better wording! It's my mental problems -- I go a little overboard sometimes with the paranoia sometimes. But this morning I got up and decided - TO HELL WITH IT! I am making myself snap out of it.

So on to some news =)

We have been processing things like crazy. Got pumpkin all done -- Darkside was sad about that (did I already post this??). Still have about 1 batch of apples to do, have put that off forever.

Started getting the following from the fall garden: baby carrots, zucchini, green beans, and raspberries. We have about 5 tomatoes on 1 new plant (green) and the peas are flowering. The broccoli looks promising. The other new tomatoes, tomatillos, and corn don't look so good.

In the summer garden things that are left seem to got their second wind. The tomatoes have even greened back up and have new flowers! The peppers are all putting out like crazy. The eggplants really need to be ripped out -- they never did anything. And the cabbage seems like it's stunted? They all only have softball size heads. Oh well maybe next year.

Also we haven't had any luck with the 2 dozen eggs we've tried to incubate in the past 2 months. I think we need to wait till spring to give it another shot. Plus the bater needs a good cleaning and tuning, in my opinion. Now whether SR agrees or not that another story!

We're still debating on whether or not we should get some does or not and start up selling baby rabbits. Our 2 bucks are HUGE and mean as hell. Well probably not that bad, but not exactly tame to handle and that's how I wanted them.

We are also excited to say that next week we may be in our new place. **cross your fingers!** I really hope that things go smoothly. We are making a big circle - cause we're going back to the place in Roodhouse. But things did seem to go ok there before. We at least had room and freedom there. Hopefully it's in the same or better condition than when we left there.

So now we're scrambling to store up some firewood for this year and might as well work on next year, right? So we're busy cutting and stacking wood.

Yep coming around full circle pretty much. But that's ok - we got a little smarter on the curves! =)


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September 23, 2009

local news

This has been all over the news, it just saddens me. And since they don't want to say if it's just a random crazy or someone who knew the family, it also worries me. But I am a worry wart, I'll be ok........

Authorities mum on Beason slaying details - Springfield, IL - The State Journal-Register

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September 21, 2009

I used to head to CR's for my favorite sandwich

I never had more than one or two of the other sandwiches offered there and I can't remember them at all. But the Mushroom Swiss Burger


They were just heaven! All ooeey and gooey! Makes my mouth water thinking about it!

That's where Darkside and I went for our wedding night supper. Not very romantic I know, but we already did the romancing part of our relationship. ;) We stopped in there and got our sandwiches and then headed to the Holiday Inn to celebrate. (side note - somehow we didn't even get charged for them!!)

But sadly, CR's is closed now. Maybe I'll have to re-create that sometime =)

September 19, 2009

the hornets

Finally I get a chance to tell the story about our problems with the hornets this year.

We first noticed them early this summer. We didn't think they would be that much of a problem. They didn't seem to care that we were there at all -- no big deal, right?  

(picture of the hive in july)

But then in the beginning of August they started getting real vicious. Um, not cool!
And then there was a bad storm that went through. The hive fell to a lower branch. Which was fine the hornet now were completely hateful and did NOT like us -- but they somewhat re-attached the hive to the new branch.

Then the inevitable happened. Another storm came through earlier this month and knocked the hive to the ground. Now the hornets are loud and pissed!

We spent one day thinking - you have to go about it a certain way or else get stung ALOT! The next day we bought 5 cans of flying insect spray, the kind that goes 27 feet. So Darkside, SR, and the Kaos King went out right at dusk and sprayed the heck out of it.

The next day we seen that there were STILL some alive! So they went out with a old dish towel, soaked it in kerosene and put it on the hive and lit it up. It burned forever!

The next day we seen that the hornets had decided to go back to a piece of the hive that was still attached to the limb on the tree. GREAT! ugh! So we decided to torch another dish towel and raise it up to the little hive on the branch.

the tree got burned when we burnt the hive ='(

here's the huge burn spot on the ground

 if you look close you'll see the dead hornets and the larvae!

here's one of the hornets -- they are called bald faced hornets

Now they are all pretty much gone thankfully! Although we have seen a few here and there I don't think there are enough to cause a problem again this year. If we see one next year we will definitely be on top of it!

Oh yeah we also had huge problems with them attacking our dog - who used to love to sleep under this tree. Thankfully he didn't have a bad reaction to being stung by them!


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September 18, 2009

Music sounded better on cassette (NOT!!)

I got my first album on a cassette tape from my dad on my 7th birthday. It was Loverboy. It went really well with my HUGE boom box LOL!

The first cassette I talked my mom into getting me was Poison - Look what the cat dragged in. It was at a yard sale. She thought it was girls on the front LOL!!

My very first store bought cassette was Vanilla Ice. I begged my mom to get it for me on my 12th birthday, she finally relented. I listened to that thing NONSTOP!

I can also remember my first cd - it was Van Halen OU812 (13th birthday). And my first bought CD was Metallica the black album (Christmas 1992).


As a side note - the only cassette tape I've ever tore up is Garth Brooks No Fences. My cousin Robyn made me listen to that thing none stop and I couldn't take it NO MORE! So I secretly tore it up so it wouldn't work anymore LOL! She got another one within 6 months and I was in hell again =(

September 17, 2009

my thoughts on the seven day challenge

First let me say that I really appreciate all the hard work that the ladies who did this challenge at Food Storage Made Easy. I'm sure it can't be easy setting all this up. I enjoyed being challenged and running through the scenarios even if I didn't actively enter in the contests.

But I do have to say that I expected more of a challenge. I don't know exactly what I expected but I figured it would be ....... more?........... something.

I believe that this challenge was a good one for anyone just starting down the path of emergency preps and food storage. I have been at this for quite a few years now so these challenges in some parts weren't very challenging. Not that someone who's been at it for awhile doesn't need this! Heck I check through all my stuff at least twice a year. And a random in between check showed me some areas that I need to pay more attention too.

And there were some things that I thought of that I do need to add. And re-affirmed reasons why I don't have "such and such".

Over all I am glad I participated, even if it was in my own way! =)
Make sure you check out their site and if your new to food storage check out their Baby steps checklist.


September 16, 2009

Seven day challenge --- day 7

Day 7 - emergency treats?!?!

This was actually done on Tuesday so obviously I didn't actively participate. But through this whole challenge each day we run through and see if we could of made it. This is the last day of the week long challenge.

Limitations for today are : (all days you can't spend any money)
  •  no fresh butter
  • no fresh eggs
  • no fresh milk
  • make a delicious dessert
Advanced :
  • do this with no perishables or pre-made mixes

Yes we would of been able to this easily. Sweets are a main part of any good food storage. And being able to make them without any number of key perishable ingredients is a must. Although I am lacking shelf stable butter, I have the knowledge of what things you can use in place of butter which is a necessity.


Seven day challenge --- day 6

Day 6 - it's health problems?!?!

This was actually done on Monday so obviously I didn't actively participate. But through this whole challenge each day we run through and see if we could of made it.

Limitations for today are : (all days you can't spend any money)
  • no prepackaged or convenience foods
  • must have low sugar breakfast
  • must have low fat lunch
  • dinner from scratch using whole grains and/or legumes
  • must have 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables
Advanced :
  • figure out how many calories, sugar, fat and fiber are in your foods
  • do all of this for whole family


Ok I understand that something like this could be sudden and somewhat of an emergency but really? This shouldn't be something that is sudden. And if you had prepared for something such as this, wouldn't you be pretty much insured you wouldn't have something like this happen?

Maybe I'm just jaded in some way.

If something like this was to happen to me or someone in my family I would go home sit down and re-assess our food storage and menu. Then I would adjust everything accordingly. If that meant going and buying new or different foods then so be it.

To me it would be no different than any other change in our family. All changes require you to re-assess things. Some changes we've went through are - new pets, new children to care for, new babies, and dietary requirements.

Like I said maybe it's just me.


Seven day challenge --- day 5

Day 5 - earthquake!

This was actually done on Sunday so obviously I didn't actively participate. But through this whole challenge each day we run through and see if we could of made it.

Limitations for today are : (all days you can't spend any money)
  • no water (pipe broke)
  • no power (been cut)
  • 2nd day after quake -- fridge food is bad, freezer food ok
  • while driving home road is blocked by big rocks -- do you have a shovel?
  • damage in your home ruined computers -- do you have it backed up?
  • keep family entertained with no power

Advanced :
  • no generators - they got crushed
  • no fridges or freezers - they got crushed


Many of these things I've already covered in earlier days so I will talk about the things I haven't so far =)

We do not have a shovel in the vehicles generally (hey anything IS possible!). I think it would probably be a good idea if you could find a folding one. I think there are camping shovels that fold. It would probably be helpful for many different things like removing rocks (like above), stuck in snow/mud, and moving road kill. This is something that if I can get my hand on one cheap I will definitely be getting.

Having all data on a computer lost is not something new to us. No I don't have EVERYTHING backed up, but I do have the majority saved. My outlook on info on the computer is -- if it's on here then it must be ok to lose or I've got another place it's stored (online, disk, etc.). Pictures are the one thing that I don't have stored elsewhere and I would definitely miss. But I do save them from time to time, just not every  day/week/month.


This is another major thing I attempt to prepare for because we live near the New Madrid fault line. This one is really hard though because the majority of quakes here are small and do little to no damage and those aren't the ones I'm preparing for (or attempting anyhow).

I don't think we are prepared at all for an earthquake. I think most of our general preps would possibly work if the situation is just right. Got work to do =)


September 15, 2009

Seven day challenge --- day 4

Day 4 - money is tight!

This was actually done on Saturday so obviously I didn't actively participate. But through this whole challenge each day we run through and see if we could of made it.

Limitations for today are : (all days you can't spend any money)
  • water is shut-off
  • no cable, internet, cell phones
  • no bread & you need it
  • do an activity outside the home with your family that doesn't cost anything
Advanced :
  • car is on E and you have no money for gas
  • power is off too


This is definitely a challenge but they are all things I have had to live through before. Thankfully not ALL at once!

Lack of water is something that is near impossible to go through for more than a few days without gas for your car and money. This last winter we went without water for more than a month - this was NOT EASY! We spent lots of money on bottled water, the laundry mat, hotels, kitty litter, and trash. If I had to estimate it -- about $1500 !!! Seriously if it had just been a water bill stopping us from having water I would of paid it 10x over -- what would be the point?

About 5 years ago we went without water for over a month during the winter also. At that time we didn't have any extra money to work with, but did live near family. When you live near friends or family then things don't cost as much. Oh and when you can use the toilet to add water too helps LOTS! That winter I don't think we spent ANY money. And if I had to guess we only caused our family's bills to go up about $40 - which for a family of 6 isn't bad at all.

The whole idea I'm trying to explain is water is necessary. So necessary that without it you will beg friends or family to bum or spend all you can to obtain every little bit you need.

But you know I don't think it's possible to store up enough water to prepare for everything. Shocked? HA!

It's true though - the average family (who is that?!?) would be hard pressed to store up enough water to prepare for frozen solid water pipes or long stretch of unemployment. That's like thousands of gallons of water! Even if you rationed it out and re-used all you could it would still be in the thousands.

But I do think it's completely possible to store up enough water for a family's drinking and cooking -- even for a long stretch. For example - your water supply is contaminated because of water main break/repair or for some unknown reason (like happened while I was growing up in Manchester - the Army ended up bringing in water trucks!). But with these scenarios you would be able to use the water from the tap for baths, cleaning, laundry, and the toilet although drinking and cooking water would be VERY necessary.

Quite honestly the other things on the list - even the advanced ones - are easy compared to no water.

I've went months without a phone. Yes it can be hard, but really it's easier than going without disposable diapers and you have no cloth backups!! LOL!

A person CAN live without internet --- I say this to myself all the time, as a reminder LOL! I find this one EXTREMELY hard to do! But if it is necessary I could go to the library =)

We've lived for months (year?) without cable, it's not too hard. Especially with the new digital - if you can get it. The library is a big help too.

The first time I made bread was in a pressed environment -- it baked up GREAT! I got the yeast in a food order and we needed bread and had no gas to get to the store, so I baked up a loaf. Desperation can work miracles! You know I've never had another loaf turn out so great as that one did. Bread alternatives you can bake up are good to know how to do also cause sometimes bread takes patience that you may not posses in an emergency situation.

Doing something as a family with no money in today's economy should be quite easy! Our go to activities are gardening, the park, and the library. Our favorite free activity as a family requires a radio but can be done anywhere --- music trivia! We all love it =)

Having no gas sucks but can be somewhat easy to go around. This is where making sure you live near the essentials is good LOL! There ain't nothing like trying to walk in the snow with a couple kids to get groceries when the store is a mile or two away!

Living with no power does take a bit more planning if you want to do so with ANY kinds of comforts. Try to plan with as many things as you can!! Just believe me on this =)   Candles, lanterns, battery operated clocks and radios, a way to cook (gas stove, propane grill), heat source, and any which way to charge batteries. If you can get your hands on a solar battery recharger that's best, if not at least a car charger one.


Yea we would of been ok, although could of been alot better if we had all our things from storage. These are the main things I do prep for.


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September 12, 2009

Day 3 - it's unexpected dinner guests!

Day 3 - it's unexpected dinner guests!

This was actually done on Friday so obviously I didn't actively participate. But through this whole challenge each day we run through and see if we could of made it.

Limitations for today are : (all days you can't spend any money)
  • an appetizer
  • no meat in main course
  • 2 side dishes
  • a dessert
  • other family member help & table set nicely
  • you have 1 hour to do this in


Honestly this wouldn't happen with us. Maybe we're just unsociable but someone wouldn't just invite themselves to our house for dinner let alone have specifications on how that meal should be!

I guess it's not being unsociable but I expect people to respect me & my home enough to either go about things differently or something. And if they don't respect me enough then I will demand it - plain and simple.

I do understand the point in this though, don't get me wrong. And I could even see some family and close friends trying something like this. Although it would only happen once it would still be an emergency. And I could see attempting to cater to this person but not in anyway it would interrupt our normal meal.

I could completely see something like this happening---> see "so-and-so" at the store and them say hey we ought to get together for a bbq tonight! Our bbq's are usually planned out beforehand so this would be an emergency of sorts. I have things to throw something like that together usually on hand. Also I have a few go-to recipes that I use for get togethers.

It's my belief that if someone is to dine with others and they have a specific taste they should provide for themselves. Not that someone CAN'T cater to that person if they would like or if it correlates with their tastes, but they don't HAVE to. Allergies are a different cup of tea.

Overall I think if an impromptu event was to come up where we needed to feed others in a formal-like setting was to come up we could do it pretty easily. But overall we aren't a frilly dine together kind of family -- break out the mis-match plates or paper plates and skootch over the couch ain't just for you!


September 11, 2009

Day 2 - it's a pandemic!

Day 2 - it's a pandemic!

This was actually done on Thursday so obviously I didn't actively participate. But through this whole challenge each day we run through and see if we could of made it.

Limitations for today are : (all days you can't spend any money)
  • can't leave your house -- well that usually isn't hard for us we are home-bodies anyway =)

  • some family members are sick, need meds -- this usually isn't hard for us either. we did just go through a MAJOR sickness that ran through all of us and lasted for over 2 weeks and I've yet to replace some of that stuff. so there are some holes in our regular preps.

  • comfort foods for sick family -- *MUAHHAHAHAHAHAAA* comfort foods is my specialty! I have them out the wahzoo! =)

  • all tp & paper towels in bathroom & kitchen are gone -- ok here is where we lost out =( Not that in an emergency situation I wouldn't use something else - I have before - but it's not soft or if it is then it's not pretty! Plus #3 said he would rebel if he has to wash any "reuseable" tp (he's the laundry guy here) LOL! All our disposible paper stuff is in those two locations right now. Normally I have tp stored in a different spot.

  • keep healthy family members that way -- this shouldn't be a problem. We have sani-wipes, Lysol, antibacterial hand gel and soap, and plenty of vitamin C. And if necessary we could always separate everyone - the house here is easily fixed like that. We do NOT have face masks. Even if we did I wouldn't use them at home.
Advanced :
  • it is 7th day of quarantine, fridge food is gone -- I honestly don't believe that unless there is lack of power or a tornado there is ANYWAY all my fridge food would be gone! Even with lack of power there are some things that would still be good. But in this case fridge food would play very little part in this situation. Most of my "sick foods" are not in the fridge.
  • you actually HAVE to stay home -- didn't do this. I could have but didn't. I had been home without leaving for a couple days and it was getting to me so we went on a drive in the country. The other thing I do when I get tired of being at home for days is gardening. I could of done that but.....


I think if this was a real situation we would of done alright but only just squeaking by. This is one of the situations that I try to plan for, so it bothers me that we aren't quite up to par. I really need to make sure I restock things when we use them. I also really wish I could get more herbal type medicines so we aren't constantly pumping a bunch of drugs into whoever is sick.

In regards to the tp - we usually have no less than 2 rolls in other locations of the house (to blow noses). Also although it isn't pleasant it is completely possible to use coffee filters as tp. It's alot easier to wash and re-use a piece of fabric for a coffee filter than to do the same for tp. Also it also possible to just use paper -- that's what my mom's family did while growing up. The trick is to crumble it up to "soften" it up before use. Although I have flushed coffee filters when on city sewer, I wouldn't advise it. It probably wouldn't be all that great on a septic tank either. And paper is completely out of the question of going down the drain. Just use plastic grocery bags to put that stuff in and change often!

About the face masks - I don't think I would ever make use of them within the home. Right now since we live with SR I might. But although I know that they can be of great use to reduce sickness even within the home - I feel that anything my family has to go through there is no reason I can't also. When it comes to the adults/parents being sick and not the kids things would be different probably - but not definitely. One main reason is we have none.


September 9, 2009

Day 1 - it's a flood!

Day 1 - it's a flood!

Ok I should start out by saying that I wasn't able to do this challenge in it's entirety. Although we did use this time to assess our inventory and possibility of this type of situation.
The w:Iowa River upstream of w:Marshalltown, IowaImage via Wikipedia

Flooding is one of our major criteria when choosing where to live and routes when we drive. Maybe I've seen one too many storm stories on TWC or something but I REFUSE to be put in a water VS. Anne situation! Especially after last year. Let me explain.

When we found our previous house in Iowa Falls we wasn't able to view it before purchasing -- only online. It was less than a block away from the Iowa River -- the EXACT same Iowa River that massively flooded Marshalltown, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City last year! It was called the 500 year flood and it even went past that mark on the maps! And we were a mere block away from this monster.

Do you know what saved us? We were lucky that this side of town was situated 40+ feet UP from that monster! Along with the area's system of locks and dams (I think that what they were?) -- with those they were able to control the amount of flooding somewhat. Iowa Falls received a little more than minor flooding with only major damage to one house (basement blew out), which was a miracle. Especially when you look at all the destruction that was south of there along the same river.

Because of our experiences there I am even more hardcore about where we live and possible flooding. Also about all possible ways for evacuation that are non-flooding -- very important!


Ok on to the challenge!

1. no spending all week -- this will be quite easy for us because we already have most everything bought for this pay period (which ends next week) and plenty of food. The problem is that we wouldn't last for very long AFTER this pay period - SR thinks I'm crazy anytime I want to stock up extras. Toliet paper went on sale 1 week and I had coupons so I bought 3 packages -- he still thinks I'm crazy! But you know we had tp for a month and a half! And food wise - the only reason we would be ok is because of a botched menu for this month so I have plenty of extras that normally I wouldn't have.
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - JUNE 17: Debris sits behind...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

2. no power all day -- this isn't especially hard to do NOW. Since moving in with SR we have cut DRASTICALLY our power usage to save him from having a heart attack. His normal power bills range from $55-$75 a month -- ours usually range from $125-$175 --- do you see the possibilities of his keeling over when receiving the bill? LOL! The only thing we used that had power was the radio which in a emergency situation we would of used a mp3 player w/speaker or car radio rather than the radio in the house.

3. leave the house in 1 hour for 5 hours -- anyone who knows me would laugh till they pee'ed if I said I did this! It takes me an hour to prepare to go for a "quick" trip in town let alone to be gone for 5 hours! We did leave for over 3 hours and we did manage to get out the door within 25 minutes. I do know that after a mishap we had last year (remember this?) that as long as I have more than a couple of seconds to react I usually do ok with getting everything that is needed out. An hour to work with and 2 possible drivers (me & the Kaos King), I could of had most everything inside and out packed up and ready to go. Don't get me wrong I would of forgot something important! But most things would of been brought =)
Interstate 80 traffic is brought to a crawl as...Image via Wikipedia

4. only bring your 72 hour kit and what's on your grab list -- I confess I actually do not have a 72 hour kit or grab list. I do have these things in a list in my head but this isn't the same. I just need to buckle down and do these. Although #3 does have a survival kit that I helped him put together that comes close. The challenge also says *remember your house may be destroyed when you get back -- if this was an actual emergency I would not of stopped till I absolutely had to or was sure I had EVERYTHING that was important out and put UP stuff that could of been ruined.

5. eat food from your 72 hour kit -- umm... don't have an actual kit. But the bag we do have does have food in it and yes the kids would of ate it if I would have let them. LOL! Oh and #3 does have food in his survival kit that he's been dieing to eat.
OAKVILLE, IA - JUNE 20:  Three pigs stand stra...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

6. problems during evacuation --
  • you get soaking wet during evacuation - big problem! if we have any clothes in the car they are going to be clothes someone either don't want or can't fit into.
  • one of your family members cuts their toe open, from the comments - a slice that won't stop bleeding on it's own -with both our bag and #3's kit we would of been ok with anything small like that. I think general knowledge of ways to stop bleeding would be more helpful than having bandages.
7. meet at your specified meeting area -- Also says - your spouse is at work
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - JUNE 21:  Cindi Minehart (L...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
- HA! That would be nice! But anyway we don't have a specified meeting area other than meet at SR's and since we are already here that won't work. I know of a perfect spot and am going to spend time today telling Darkside & SR my idea. On a side note - the only thing that my side of the family does have done prep wise IS a place to meet in the event of a major emergency (like Katrina size problem). The only problem with this meeting spot is it's the Mississippi River, not a specific spot on the river, just the river itself. This covers such a large area! Although I can guess where they would be there would be some searching I'm sure. Plus it's such a well known, large landmark with it's own set of seasonal problems that I'm not so sure it's wise. But we do got it in place!

8. once together you can return home -- we are usually together all day, everyday -- but I do understand why this is said =)
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - JUNE 22: Workers pass debri...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

9. back home --
  • your fridge food is ruined -- that would suck! but I think we would be alright overall. As a side note I would throw out and clean out the fridge immediately. Things I would keep out of there: mustard, pickles, butter, penicillin, pepto, and possibly some other sauces such as bbq and A1.
  • your basement food is ruined -- don't have a basement or anything on ground level. If flooding was from the local creek then all my things in storage would be ruined or possibly contaminated.
  • you need to make dinner with no power -- we have a propane range and a bbq grill that both could be used. plus we love a lot of no cook things that are usually well stocked up. but they are NOT nutritious!
10. keep entertained & out of the dark -- we would do ok with this mostly, it really depends on any damage done to the house. We have like 2 small candles, an empty kerosene lantern, and a flashlight here - in storage I have TONS of great huge candles. If it were a normal situation we would be more than prepared light wise. I do know where the lamp oil is but getting to it would take about 10 minutes. Keeping entertained would probably be a mp3 player with a speaker - we would do music trivia for quite awhile =)

Advanced options -- not a go for us, we didn't even get through the regular stipulations!!


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September 7, 2009

Been doing jelly like crazy.

Been doing jelly like crazy. Saturday we finally did the crab apple juice that we made last fall into jelly. It turned a really pretty clear red. Which means we did the juicing right =)

Had a little left over and we added regular apple juice to it so it would be a full batch. Now that was a REALLY beautiful pinky/peach color. It was crystal clear too. =)

Yesterday we did the pomegranate juice -- remember the POM Wonderful contest? (here) Well the bottle I had was only enough for about half a batch so I added in some black cherry/concord grape juice for the other half. It tastes really good! Then cause I was on a roll I made a batch with just the black cherry/concord grape. But I ran out of sugar so I just used the no sugar pectin --- YUCK! Darkside likes it but I sure don't! It's just a little too tart or something.

I've been more than a little preoccupied with an app on Myspace lately =) But we gotta get to cracking this week so it'll be sitting for a bit till things calm down.

Oh and we didn't go to the auction yesterday. I guess SR decided that it was ok to keep feeding the fat white "hogs" -- UGH! I really wanted to get rid of them! And I really don't want to mess with slaughtering them. You know maybe today or tomorrow I'll start calling slaughtering houses to see which ones close will do chickens. I only called one before, at least that may be an idea? =)


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September 2, 2009


I really am worried about all the coldness at night on the garden. It was in the 40's the last couple nights! I hope things will be ok.

We canned salsa and spiced blueberry jam yesterday. Also started some more salsa but didn't finish it - gonna do that today.

Also today going to get the chicken coop started on a deep litter method. I hope it works as well as some claim - if not SR is going to have a laugh at us! LOL!

AND... we got the go ahead to start on another addition!! So we need to get things marked off and lined up. This one is going to be MUCH larger - like 10' x 20' !! And we will also be redoing the south side of the house at the same time (this is where we are adding onto). We asked SR what he's going to do with his new east wing when we are gone and he said --- I'll just move a prostitute in! LOL! Old men are weird!!


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