September 19, 2009

the hornets

Finally I get a chance to tell the story about our problems with the hornets this year.

We first noticed them early this summer. We didn't think they would be that much of a problem. They didn't seem to care that we were there at all -- no big deal, right?  

(picture of the hive in july)

But then in the beginning of August they started getting real vicious. Um, not cool!
And then there was a bad storm that went through. The hive fell to a lower branch. Which was fine the hornet now were completely hateful and did NOT like us -- but they somewhat re-attached the hive to the new branch.

Then the inevitable happened. Another storm came through earlier this month and knocked the hive to the ground. Now the hornets are loud and pissed!

We spent one day thinking - you have to go about it a certain way or else get stung ALOT! The next day we bought 5 cans of flying insect spray, the kind that goes 27 feet. So Darkside, SR, and the Kaos King went out right at dusk and sprayed the heck out of it.

The next day we seen that there were STILL some alive! So they went out with a old dish towel, soaked it in kerosene and put it on the hive and lit it up. It burned forever!

The next day we seen that the hornets had decided to go back to a piece of the hive that was still attached to the limb on the tree. GREAT! ugh! So we decided to torch another dish towel and raise it up to the little hive on the branch.

the tree got burned when we burnt the hive ='(

here's the huge burn spot on the ground

 if you look close you'll see the dead hornets and the larvae!

here's one of the hornets -- they are called bald faced hornets

Now they are all pretty much gone thankfully! Although we have seen a few here and there I don't think there are enough to cause a problem again this year. If we see one next year we will definitely be on top of it!

Oh yeah we also had huge problems with them attacking our dog - who used to love to sleep under this tree. Thankfully he didn't have a bad reaction to being stung by them!


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