September 2, 2009


I really am worried about all the coldness at night on the garden. It was in the 40's the last couple nights! I hope things will be ok.

We canned salsa and spiced blueberry jam yesterday. Also started some more salsa but didn't finish it - gonna do that today.

Also today going to get the chicken coop started on a deep litter method. I hope it works as well as some claim - if not SR is going to have a laugh at us! LOL!

AND... we got the go ahead to start on another addition!! So we need to get things marked off and lined up. This one is going to be MUCH larger - like 10' x 20' !! And we will also be redoing the south side of the house at the same time (this is where we are adding onto). We asked SR what he's going to do with his new east wing when we are gone and he said --- I'll just move a prostitute in! LOL! Old men are weird!!


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