September 18, 2009

Music sounded better on cassette (NOT!!)

I got my first album on a cassette tape from my dad on my 7th birthday. It was Loverboy. It went really well with my HUGE boom box LOL!

The first cassette I talked my mom into getting me was Poison - Look what the cat dragged in. It was at a yard sale. She thought it was girls on the front LOL!!

My very first store bought cassette was Vanilla Ice. I begged my mom to get it for me on my 12th birthday, she finally relented. I listened to that thing NONSTOP!

I can also remember my first cd - it was Van Halen OU812 (13th birthday). And my first bought CD was Metallica the black album (Christmas 1992).


As a side note - the only cassette tape I've ever tore up is Garth Brooks No Fences. My cousin Robyn made me listen to that thing none stop and I couldn't take it NO MORE! So I secretly tore it up so it wouldn't work anymore LOL! She got another one within 6 months and I was in hell again =(

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