September 16, 2009

Seven day challenge --- day 6

Day 6 - it's health problems?!?!

This was actually done on Monday so obviously I didn't actively participate. But through this whole challenge each day we run through and see if we could of made it.

Limitations for today are : (all days you can't spend any money)
  • no prepackaged or convenience foods
  • must have low sugar breakfast
  • must have low fat lunch
  • dinner from scratch using whole grains and/or legumes
  • must have 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables
Advanced :
  • figure out how many calories, sugar, fat and fiber are in your foods
  • do all of this for whole family


Ok I understand that something like this could be sudden and somewhat of an emergency but really? This shouldn't be something that is sudden. And if you had prepared for something such as this, wouldn't you be pretty much insured you wouldn't have something like this happen?

Maybe I'm just jaded in some way.

If something like this was to happen to me or someone in my family I would go home sit down and re-assess our food storage and menu. Then I would adjust everything accordingly. If that meant going and buying new or different foods then so be it.

To me it would be no different than any other change in our family. All changes require you to re-assess things. Some changes we've went through are - new pets, new children to care for, new babies, and dietary requirements.

Like I said maybe it's just me.


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