September 16, 2009

Seven day challenge --- day 7

Day 7 - emergency treats?!?!

This was actually done on Tuesday so obviously I didn't actively participate. But through this whole challenge each day we run through and see if we could of made it. This is the last day of the week long challenge.

Limitations for today are : (all days you can't spend any money)
  •  no fresh butter
  • no fresh eggs
  • no fresh milk
  • make a delicious dessert
Advanced :
  • do this with no perishables or pre-made mixes

Yes we would of been able to this easily. Sweets are a main part of any good food storage. And being able to make them without any number of key perishable ingredients is a must. Although I am lacking shelf stable butter, I have the knowledge of what things you can use in place of butter which is a necessity.


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