October 27, 2009

been working

I've been working lately. Well not just me --- Darkside & I both have been working doing computer repair.

I'm pretty sure that the last one we did we're not going to end up getting paid. The guy came by while we were still in bed and SR went ahead and gave him the computer and didn't collect any money from him! UGH! How can you just hand over the computer with no money in your hand??

I've only done that one time and that was for a friend. And I don't plan to see that money anytime soon.

That's just what happens - it's life.

You really need something -- someone gives it to you with the promise you'll pay later -- life gets in the way -- days/months/years later still you haven't paid them. That's why I always pay right when I do something, or I don't do it.

That's alright, we're getting pretty slick at these things now =)   Dude may have his computer back now but since he was an idiot and screwed up his whole operating system we had to put a new one on. Well it's not like we have the funds to buy os's for everyone -- so we put Linux Ubuntu on it (free). He has no clue because he didn't wait to talk to me, oh well! And on top of that, he don't know what the username/password is for it.

We might just get our money! LOL! Sabotage is GREAT!

Also, after seeing a flyer in a gas station I realized we are WAY to cheap on our rates too. There is a guy in town that is charging $30 an hour! WOW! I think we might be able to raise our rates some =)  We'll think on it some before we do.


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