November 16, 2009

bad luck or timing

Well I'd like to have a pity party, if you please. Rampant whining ahead! Update with pictures at the bottom.


Since being homeless -which technically we are currently- I've not had the ambition to do things I normal would. I also am WAY more stressed than normal over things that shouldn't be THAT stressful. This has led to many things happening that normally wouldn't.

First there is the child support papers that I didn't fill out back this spring. I've filled out I don't know how many of these stinking papers. I fill them out with what seems to be the EXACT same info every time and mail them off. Nothing happens. Well earlier this year we got two of them, like one in May and one in Aug. I didn't fill out either of them. I was going to but never got around to it and figured what the hell it won't hurt anything.

Unfortunately I was WAY wrong. Apparently had I filled out these normal papers then things would of stayed the same (side note - it would of showed little to no income). Since I didn't they used Darkside's last income x3 to equal out a year's income BECAUSE he voluntarily quit his job. So now the child support is cut down from $270 to $95.

We can contest it ourselves in 24 months - which by that time the King of Kaos will be past the age of 18
ask for them to contest it in less than 24 months if there is a change of that income of more than 50% and not voluntarily like before

Also, Darkside was sent some papers to include himself in a lawsuit against Casey's for lack of payment for work that was done that the company made them do off the clock. I've done these for him before for other companies, nothing ever happens. So I figured I'd fill the out eventually but nothing would happen.

Never did get around to filling those papers out. The deadline was Aug. 3, 2009.

My sister-in-law also work at Casey's and received the same paperwork. She filled hers out. She figured it was like wishing on stars too especially since she had worked there only for a couple months during the time period they was suing for.

Guess what she texted me on Friday? Yep. She got a check in the mail for $78 and the letter included said there would be more payments coming. That's nice. GREAT.

Here we are needing to collect up as much money as possible and always needing more than what we got and what do I do? LOSE MONEY! The child support loss will be $3849 if we can't get it re-adjusted. And from my rough figures for the loss from the lawsuit is $806 so far. We could of really used that right now!

The lawsuit money really hurts because we've been trying to get up enough money to get moved before the holidays which for us started with the month of October. Plus let's face it we all know that the fact we EVER got any money in child support is AMAZING on it's own. Let alone the amount we've got over the last 4 years and all the back support from the same 4 years that's still coming!


We finally caved and Darkside accepted a job at the local plastics factory. He's on his second week now and just got switched to an easier job - forklift operator. It's a physically easier job just about all around. Now he don't have to spend 12 hours standing, bending, and lifting anymore - with a forklift job you pretty much sit. Plus they only run 8 hour forklift shifts, those hours will be so much easier on us.

This is the week we are supposed to find out if we are to be accepted or not into the housing. We also have had a rental house being held for us since Nov. 1st. Either way we just can't come up with the money to move in yet.

Harvested the broccoli finally. Learned that I waited too long HAHA! We had BIG bunches from nearly every plant.

As I was cutting it up so I could freeze it I learned that we had broccoli worms - O YEA! That was educational let me tell ya! Got that all taken care of by soaking the broccoli, no biggie really. Blanched it all and got it into bags and the freezer. Got 4 half full gallon ziplocs out of it so far, which has more than paid for the seed =)

Also we continue to harvest carrots. Here's our biggest so far - also in the picture with the broccoli. Everyone really likes them too =)

We just keep getting these weird ones that grew funny. The are quite comical at times!! Here's two of the most recent ones.

Well should probably save the rest of my energy, got to go to the laundry mat later today to dry clothes *BLAH!* But it rained all day yesterday and plans to rain for the next four days. No way to dry clothes in this weather except in the dryer. fun, fun


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