November 4, 2009

everything is CRAP!

Why is it every time you try to do things the "right" way it's unbelievably hard and nothing ever works?

If I could just make myself lie,cheat, or short changing someone then life would be easier!

For the last four and half years we have spent our time doing the right thing and yet NOTHING has went right. It sucks!

While in Iowa at the beginning of the year we realize that without cheating we were going to be in big trouble financially. So we did the obvious thing and moved back home where we would be able to have some help from family and friends and knew where to get help from via relief offices, etc. We figured with the sale of our house and help from family we would be more than able to rent an apartment and get everything set up - job, etc.

What happened? Well we did the right thing and didn't mooch off anyone for anything -- paid it ourselves. Our money --which was short because the realtor and buyers of our house shafted us-- lasted a WHOLE MONTH. And that folks, was without an apartment!

Technically we used our savings for the first month and then the house money for the second month.

But at the end of that time we were supposed to be thankful because we was able to move our most treasured and needed household items with us and it was a safely (although stuffed) in a rented storage. Oh, yes we was thankful, but jeez!

And then we were at the mercy of family and friends for anything we needed. And since I had already showed off our very minimal lifestyle for 2 months no one protested. Then troubles started.

Why? Because others don't CARE for our lifestyle - they think it's wrong, ALL WRONG. Here's the list:

  • conserve water - wash dishes 1x daily
  • conserve water - bathe 2-3x weekly
  • conserve water - wash only full loads of clothes
  • conserve electricity - open doors, curtains & blinds during daylight hours
  • conserve electricity - open every available door, curtain & blind during high temps
  • conserve electrivity - unplug things when not in use, like radios, etc.
  • conserve gas - taking the time to make sure you can do 2 things on a trip instead of just one
  • conserve gas - shutting off pilots of appliances that aren't being used for long periods of time
  • conserve gas - turning down temp on water heater
  • conserve earth - recycling everything possible
  • conserve money  - cut all coupons possible and then use them!
  • conserve money - search for the cheapest price available on ALL items, then buy there
  • conserve money - take advantage of customer loyalty programs
  • conserve money - make or do it at home if at all possible, food, drinks, fun, etc.
  • conserve money - keep a budget, even if it's just writing down how your going to spend that check
  • conserve money - cut out anything that isn't being used enough to make it worth it, like cable
  • conserve money - take advantage of all benefits you've earned when applicable, like car insurance
  • conserve money - replacing/updating items when funds allow which can save you money on utilities
  • conserve money - regular maintance on self, car, home, household items
  • conserve money - don't loan to anyone, pretty much EVER!
  • conserve money - if an item your wanting to buy conserves time then get it cause time=money
  • conserve money - before you buy anything research it thoroughly and then wait at least 1 week
  • conserve money - if you can afford to stock up while an item is on sale then do so
These things were all WRONG to everyone here obviously, though I don't see why. So out went my monthly budget of $1000, which should of only been about $600 while living with someone and having to pay no bills (their choice, not ours).

So I figure, ok they want things a certain way they must be able to afford it -- NOT! For the last 2 months we have gotten more and more flack for no one being able to help us because they can't AFFORD to. And since everytime we get money we buy things needed --which HAVE to be xyz brand only!-- or that we believe need to be done, we have no money accumulated to get the hell out of here!

We are literally just a little short. Which makes this a sad situation all around.

We had an idea to go and get a loan from one of those "money quick" places today. Except we just can't make ourselves go in there and lie. Lie because we don't have the ability to repay something like that. The interest rates are outrageous.

Plus borrowing money period is against everything we are.

Just like lying, cheating, and short changing people.

Constant internal moral conflict.

And that's what led to this terribly long post.


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