November 8, 2009

From this blog that I read all the time =)  ...i'd like to see what I have to be prepared

Under $20
Small first aid kits - NEED
Flashlights for the whole family - NEED
Jumper cables - NEED
Fuel for your camp stoves or grills - NEED
water storage containers - NEED
spices and herbs - DONE
work gloves - DONE
seeds for the garden - half done
bottles/jars for canning - need more, always!

$20 - 50
Water purifiers - NEED
good-quality sleeping bag - DONE
Dutch oven - NEED
Solar-powered radio (or solar radio/flashlight combo) - HAVE HAND CRANKED
Wheat grinder (very small, hand cranked - useful if you lose electricity!) - NEED

Ready-made 72-hour kits - NEED
Wheat grinder (small - hand cranked or automatics) - NEED
Pressure cooker (small) - NEED
Dehydrator- DONE
55-gallon drum for water storage - NEED

Rotating shelf systems (small) - NEED
Wheat grinder (small electric) - NEED
Good quality electric or hand-crank wheat grinder - NEED
Pressure cooker (large) - NEED

Rotating shelf systems (small to large) - NEED
Good quality electric wheat grinder - NEED
Pressure cooker (huge) - NEED
Good quality, large solar oven - NEED

Generators (for information on these, read a Popular Mechanics article here) - NEED

I really ain't got crap! Makes a person feel secure -- NOT! But I do have a substantial food supply going here along with plenty of bathroom cabinet type supplies. So that makes me feel a little better. Oh and the other day we did pick up quite a few clearance Altoids tins to used for our 72 hour medical kits.


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