December 28, 2009


I know that I haven't been able to really post here lately. Slow internet and lack of motivation are the problems. Well I guess that would be wrong. I have motivation just had this overwhelming feeling that I had to do 10,000 things - all RIGHT NOW and of course the never ending urge to buy more xmas things. Yeah that has kept me busy since about mid November. ~BLAH!

But I know a lot of people sit and think on what all has happened in the last year during this week, especially here in blogland, so I figure why not? It shouldn't hurt too bad to do this  =)

We started off the new year with good friends in a very luxurious place (read: costly!) and woke with a terrible hangover. In hindsight, I think that's what doomed the whole year! It was nice to be able to do something like that at least once though.

January was spent in constant limbo between Darkside working 6 days a week and us trying to get running water in the house once again. By the end of the month we had finally got some water going and in the process decided it wasn't worth it for Darkside to keep the job. All that money isn't worth it if you can't have life's basic necessities. This month is also the peak of my most hectic time of the year - tax time. Darkside turned 32 this month - although we barely had a chance to notice.

February was TAXES, TAXES, and more TAXES! If I wasn't throwing around numbers, I was spending money. I have such a love-hate relationship with this time of year. I love doing the figures but I also hate having to make year long decisions in a quick amount of time - and of course NOTHING can wait. We made the decision to stay where we was for the year (Iowa Falls, IA) and buy 2 new vehicles, 2 new computers, and a new TV. We also paid old bills and fixed the cat. This month #3 turned 11 years old =)

We started out March firmly set with staying in Iowa and by the end was when we decided that we made the wrong decision to stay put. I thought it was best to decide quickly rather than deny and wait. In hindsight, we could of waited a little while longer, but things probably would of ended the same. Spent most of the month sorting and packing - getting the house ready to move and sell. We went back to Jacksonville for a visit to see how things would go for 2 weeks. When we showed up SR had bought 6 chicks. Honestly I spent most of this month crying and believe that this is when a "depression" set in.

In April we headed back up to Iowa to get the house listed and things moved. I spent my 30th birthday in the house with a beautiful snow storm going on outside. We was very busy with even more decisions - from do we really need this, that, or the other bauble to what price do we list the house for. There was a trip down to Jacksonville and back when the house closed near the end of the month. We closed and cleaned out the rest of the stuff in the house by the last day of the month.

Sometime in April or May we were hit by buffalo gnats. We lost 6 chickens in 2 days. This whole experience was very aggravating.

May seen us as now full time Illinois residents once again. Now that we were sure to be staying proper living quarters were in order. This is also the same time we realized that we had NO money - not that we could find any place to rent or buy that met our needs. We decided that staying with SR is the only option for now. So we got to work on building an additional room and getting the garden started. It was nice to have my brother help out with this work. This is also when we bought the 2 rabbit bucks (Butterscotch & Oreo), 4 meat chicks, and 5 already started laying hens. We also acquired 2 baby turtles during this month -- a snapper and a slider.

June came in quite busy with all work on the garden to do. This is also when I hit the 2 deer with my car -- which led to more work. #2 turned 13 this month and finally got an official internet name - Princess of P0P - and a Myspace. We also started going to the bar this month, which led to me buying new pretties to pretty myself up with. I decided this month that my makeup style is DRAG QUEEN (and yes I purposefully capitalized it! LOL).

July was no quieter really. The garden and canning kept us really busy. We made the trek over to Missouri to buy fireworks for the fourth, although because of the weather wasn't able to fire them off till a couple days later. Boy did we get a show when we did because of them falling over! The rooster started to crow this month. We also continued to go out every weekend. This month my dad, if still living, would of been 70. Darkside's mother, if she was still living would of been 62 and also this month marks the 13th year since her death. I think that these dates spurred SR into being an ass all month - which is understandable as he loved her dearly, but made him difficult to live with. This month was our 11th anniversary - what a long time that is! But it's been GREAT =)

I spent most of August sick, so did most of the rest of the family too. Kaos King had a job doing yard work this month which resulted in him getting a severe allergic reaction to something but gave him enough money to get a new MP4 player. Gardening, canning, and coupon-ing continued. Also tried to incubate some eggs. We actually slowed down on going to the bar this month - money is at a premium from Sept to Jan, extras are not an option.

September is always a busy month for us with two birthdays to celebrate and one death to remember. Kaos King turned the grand 16 and got his very first electric guitar and amp. #4 turned 6 and has firmly stepped into diva town =)   This is the month that we mark the death of my dad, this year being the 23rd year. We also dealt with the killer hornets, the 7 day challenge, and continued with gardening.

October is always Darkside's month - he loves Halloween, this year was not a good one for him. We didn't get to decorate at all. We did keep ourselves busy with designing costumes though. This month was so rainy that we did very little outside at all. We did start harvesting carrots which was neat. While trying out some of the hundreds of things canned this year we found out that 3-4 dozen jars of salsa were no good. Must try a different recipe next year. Experienced a roller coaster of emotions while trying to get moved into our old place and in the end didn't get to. Had a computer work job go bad - really don't think I'm cut out to be a ruthless business person (why can't everyone be honest?).

November led us to many changes - we moved, Darkside got a job, child support was cut and we now have bills. The main bad parts were we had a fridge & stove then neither, then we had a fridge, then we didn't - UGH! Thanksgiving was done out at SR's and we didn't go to any black friday sales, although I wanted to - needed new bath towels. We finally harvested all the broccoli and carrots -- boy were they good!

December although not yet over has been hectic in thought but not in actions. We have been thinking hard on what all we want to do come spring, including what we are planting in the garden. We had a GREAT xmas and are on the way to having a FABULOUS NYE. During this month and xmas we gained more pets - 10 fish (guppies & goldfish) and 1 black bear hamster named Spike.

I have learned so much this last year and wouldn't trade it for anything - I just wish there was an easier way to learn! All of us believe that this year went by way too fast - it literally feels like we were just here! (here being late Dec)


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