January 29, 2010

I'm done with my red scarf!

I'm done!! YEA! Ok now when I signed up for this I took the red part literally but later learned it didn't need to be exactly red.......ummm......oooppps! Here it is -

I know it looks kinda girly huh? Oh well hopefully some nice girl will like it =) I'm still hoping to make another one. Princess of P0P has her's about two-thirds the way done so far. She was all into it then lost her mojo a couple days ago. Her writing has overtaken her craftyness =) Her scarf is very gender neutral so that's good.

Now all that's left is sewing up a quilt for Wrapped in HOPE and we are wanting to make some blankets for a local dog shelter. We were inspired to do this by a friend's daughter's birthday wish. It is her birthday wish for anyone wanting to get her birthday presents to instead donate an item or money to the local dog shelter. How noble of her to do this! I'm so proud of her - it just makes your heart burst when kids are this great =)


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