February 8, 2010


Today was a busy day here. We started a bathroom remodeling project on Saturday that I was just sure that we would get done that day or at the latest Sunday. Nope! We still had a couple hours to put into it today after working on it till 2 am last night. But it's all done now - YEA!

It's so nice to be able to walk into the bathroom now and not have to worry about the floor falling through =) Right now I'm waiting for the hot water heater to warm up so I can have my shot at a nice hot shower.

Darkside has pointed out that I have a real problem with bathrooms and I have to agree after thinking about it. Almost every bathroom we've had in 4 years I have DEMANDED be redone. I just can't help it. They have been some of the worst bathrooms ever! That's a total of 5 bathrooms -- maybe I do have a problem =)


On another note...... Today is #3's birthday - he turned 12. I can barely believe he's that old now! Darkside and I both made mistakes in the past 2 days with saying he was turning 8 -- where did the past 4 years go?

Maybe since we were so busy re-doing bathrooms we didn't notice time flying by??

#3 is my little spy, scientist, lego builder extraordinaire,  philanthropist, and maker of games. And today I had to realize he's not so little anymore. This was something I should have known before now but I wasn't honest with myself. Seriously, how could anyone over look a child pre-teen who now wears size 9 men's shoes? or how about 32/30 jeans?

I sit tonight thinking of our first week together. There were many moments - the battle we fought together while he was just minutes old against the nurses so he could have a full bottle, the boy came out hungry! - or how about the next morning when he sneakily tried to pee on me but I'm quicker and quickly pushed the diaper down so he only got himself LOL!! - or the moment when I thought it would be so cute to get video footage of his older sister holding him and she was being the typical evil diva sister and smacked him right in his face (yes I saved him yet again :)

I'll remember these things because folks...........it's gonna get hairy from here on out! teen years suck for everyone! =)


removing myself

Today I have decided I can't take it anymore, I have to do something. I'm talking about me sitting by while American Preppers Network allows blatant discrimination against a class of people which I myself am a part of -- welfare recipients.

I've seen this on many prep/survival type sites. I'm sick and tired of it. Who cares if someone is living on welfare or food stamps? Who cares if someone was raised on food stamps and then turn around and raise their families on food stamps? There are income guidelines in place that ensure someone can't take TOO advantage of the system. A LOT of people --even while working-- still fall into the eligible category.

Yes, people who are dependent on the government and not independent often raise children who are dependent also. More always needs to be done in raising awareness of welfare recipients to the positive points of being independent of government help. But if these recipients are actively looking for ways to prep or survive -*-BY VISITING YOUR SITES-*- aren't they taking the first steps? Aren't they trying? Even if they are only trying to stretch the available resources, isn't it better than going through without any cares at all?

The diverse groups of people who are active preppers is just that -- DIVERSE! And they come from all sorts of backgrounds, obviously. Why cut out a group that firsthand see why prepping is so important? Someone who possibly - was raised in a home that receive welfare -or- is a family that has recently became a 1 or no income family. Not everyone has the foresight to be born with the prepping instinct but they develop it AFTER suffering a hardship of some sort.

And yes, I realize that some within these sites don't even believe that welfare should even be an option. I acknowledge their views even if I don't understand them. The fact is as of this posting the welfare system is in place and an available option - as long as it is I am not going to ignore it but embrace it as it helps many Americans in their time of need.

You know I think what annoys me the most about those who want to talk trash about people who receive welfare is that they don't know the facts. Most people who talk trash have NEVER been on welfare. And those who have been on welfare, they haven't done so in the last 10 years. The amount of paperwork, limitations, and hoops have been significantly increased in 10 years from what they used to be. In 5 states that I have first-hand knowledge of there are no "free rides". And from what I understand most other states are the exact same way.

I believe that anyone who wants to bitch about " folks sitting on their asses collecting welfare" ought to go to their local welfare office and just see how hard it would be to do just that.

So I've decided to just remove myself from this environment which is counter productive to me & my families prepping. Before I found these sites I pieced things together, I'll just go back to that method.