March 31, 2010


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Been sitting and trying to figure out what to do for Easter this year because this year my birthday falls ON Easter. According to my mom this happens only once every X amount of years =)

But it's also tough because the 3 older kids are, well, older. They get excited about holidays but mainly for the purpose of their little sister. And let me tell you they have had some fun at her expense! hahaha!

But what to do, what to do.

An Easter egg hunt is a given - no matter what the age, they all like the opportunity to find the money eggs! Don't know if it's going to be a private thing or who will invite.

But what else?

Deviled Eggs shot during the Inaugural Portabl...
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I guess ham & traditional holiday foods including deviled eggs, which later will become ham salad. Color and decorate eggs. umm....

You know I think I may start another tradition if it's nice enough outside - taking pictures! It would be a great time to take a updated picture of us =)

With Easter and my birthday all in one day we sure are going to be sweet-ed out! I'll have to see if I can think of another idea instead of a birthday cake =)

Easter eggs
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#003 - Danny, again

Another memory of Danny that really sticks out is when we were living together. NO, not that kind of living together! But yet we were living in the same apartment which quite a few others were too.

I was going through a time that I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life and Darkside and I wasn't living in the same house. He had proposed to me and it had scared me! We'd been going out and living together for only a short 5 months. At the time it had felt like forever, now I see it was but a blink in time =)

But anyway.... He had proposed and I had gotten scared after accepting the ring. He was pressuring me to set a date and all I could do was try to figure out how to get out of it! HAHA! Marriage for the both of us is a FOREVER thing. FOREVER is a really, really, really long time when your 18 years old! So I told him I needed space and I moved out to stay with some friends.

Well at these friends' house there was quite a few lost kids there. Lost kids tend to do that - join together =)
I was with kindred souls while staying there. I look back now and see -- that's exactly what I needed. It helped me see what I wanted more than anything in the world - a place to belong. And since I had such a small spot within my extended family, I knew that I needed to make my own spot within my new growing family. If you can't find what your looking for sometimes you need to make it yourself!

While living there I was in a pickle though. I needed to work to help support myself - which was a new thing to me! - but also I had to be a good mom to my 10 month old daughter too. So I had to find a good babysitter. Ummmm.......... I didn't have the resources available to go to a daycare or anyone to even ask that did daycare at home. So I looked to my friends.

Darkside worked and couldn't even find daycare for #1 himself so he couldn't help. That's why I had to change jobs cause I needed to be available to watch #1 while he worked!

I asked, begged, and cried to all the people I was living with and none of them could or would.

But then I seen it --- rather heard it --- a ever so slight ..... well, maybe ..... coming from Danny. That's all I needed! LOL! I jumped on that like there was no tomorrow!

After much begging I finally talked him into it! =)  Payment for babysitting was I had to buy and make him strawberry milk ANYTIME he wanted. I think there may have been some money exchange too - but all he REALLY cared about was the strawberry milk LOL!

Of course he had his stipulations though. NO diaper changes, NO bottles, NO burbing, NO holding, NO playing. hahahhahaha! The first day I came home though there he was holding her while watching TV and she didn't look neglected at all =)

Slowly over days, I noticed that he helped me out with her all day and not just when I was gone to work =)
But you know what? He never did change her - NOT ONCE! He refused. He'd just talk someone else into doing it. And you know what -- I don't blame him. She was so tiny and she was a girl. He was more than likely only used to boys as he had a son.

I really appreciated the time that Danny spent to help me out, no one else would help and yet he did. Although it was only for a short 3 weeks, at the time it seemed like forever =)

It's so funny when I tell this story to mutual friends because no one ever wants to believe me. Danny was so not a baby kind of guy then. Even Darkside at the time and now has trouble accepting it. But it's hard to deny what you see with your own eyes. =)

Years later when he became a father to his own little girl and let me know he'd change HER diaper I was so proud! And later when he became a stay-at-home dad --- for WHATEVER reason --- I was even more proud! It nice to know that stepped up.

Yes I know Danny had his faults - believe me I do - I think that he tried. You know some guys never even try. That should count for something.

my heart aches when I think of him. that's why I needed to do this early in the morning. as I sit here and shed a few tears for my friend, I'd rather do it in privacy. although 3 of the 4 kids met him, none of them remember him. it upsets them to see me cry. but everyone needs to let it out sometime........ you are never forgotten Danny.


March 30, 2010

more signs of spring =)

we have some seedling sprouts =)

and we have babies (hamsters) LOL! no one ever said what kind of babies were needed =)


#002 - Danny, first meeting

Been thinking alot about an old friend lately and I'm not sure why. His name was Danny. Just saying his name makes me smile and remember =) The memories are far too few and fuzzy now but I'll put the funniest ones here, one at a time.

The very 1st time I met him I don't even think I was told his name. He was such a rude ass! HAHA! I walked up to a porch of a mutual friends and sit down and he turns and gives me the oddest look. I'm busy trying to figure out who he is and why is he looking at me like that. About 40 seconds later he says very loud (something like this) - "You look like a dick head!" WHAT?!?!?! I was so shocked I couldn't even speak! And he goes on - "YEP, your hair makes your head look like a dick." I'm sitting there sputtering and stammering and he then says without a second though - "I gotta go home, Sherry will be wondering where I am." For weeks after that I kept asking everyone - do you think my hair makes my head look funny??? LOL!

Here's what I looked like at the time, I had recently cut and bleached my hair
(this pic sat in Darkside's wallet for a long time if you can't tell) -

Although he's been gone for almost 8 years it's still difficult to remember that he's still not here. Darkside and I still catch ourselves saying "really, just ask Danny..........oh yea, well you could've asked Danny". my heart aches now........


March 23, 2010

spring is HERE!!

We went outside today and started the long process of cleaning up the yard here. It's going to take FOREVER!! The guy we rent off of ALWAYS has crappy yards so it wasn't no surprise. The last yard was so bad it took 2 seasons to fix!

So we went out and started on the good side - I figure there is no reason to get too depressed too quick LOL! And look at what we seen under the leaves against the house -

YEA!! We have some thing coming up and we didn't have to do anything! =) Can't wait to see what they are.

SPRING IS HERE! I'm starting some seeds tonight =)


March 20, 2010

beautiful steak

This is the beautiful plate I presented my husband with tonight. WOW! I did good on this one =) He loved it so much that I got LOTS of great drinks later that night when we went out.

I did my make-up like this --

I did good on this too! It was just a GREAT day for me all around!

We went out to the bar with Chris and Amanda. I drank too much but still had lots of fun. I tried a pineapple upside down cake shot - mmmmm! And I also drank another new favorite drink called the Tennessee Peach. AND I had too much fun flirting with all my new crushes =) Darkside has such a great time teasing me about them!


March 17, 2010

our St. Patty's Day feast

We are rather unorthodox here and do things in our own special way =)  Here's our feast for St. Patty's Day -

This is what I thought of for our feast! I know it's more German than Irish but this is what I thought would be great =)  Smoked sausages, sauerkraut, and green mustard. And boy, oh boy, was it good! Yep, we're crazy! =)


**side note** posted much later than St. Patty's Day

gardens 2010

Well I've spent the day - or at least most of it - going through all the kids things. I can't believe the number of things they accumulate! We didn't get it done living room is full of crap! But there's always tomorrow to finish it all.

I also have realized that I've waited too long to get things bought for the garden! Even though it's supposed to snow this weekend things still need planted. OH I FORGOT TO TELL YOU!!

I went and ask the landlord about the little blue house's side yard. Guess what he said?? Sure! Actually he said that'd be fine but if I wanted a larger out of the way area then right around the corner would be better. REALLY!! All he asks for in return are some tomatoes & cucumbers! That's it!

And let me tell you this spot he said would be better IS better! It's about 150' x 150' and completely out of the way from the school bus drop off. I have so many options with this piece of land! I'm so excited! From here on out it will be called the alley garden for the alley that runs right beside it.

So what we have is the alley garden, the garden out at SR's house, and the pot garden here at the house. Overall I think we'll be pretty good to go =)

Here's what all I'm planting and the magical places I'm getting the seeds -

Main Street Seed and Supply
  • buckwheat (?maybe?)  waiting for later
  • Old English grass mix (?maybe?)  waiting for later
  • clover (?maybe?)  waiting for later
  • green beans, Kentucky bush
  • green beans, Blue Lake bush
  • cabbage, late flat Dutch
  • celery, tall Utah
  • arugula
  • tomato, roma
  • tomato, rutgers
  • pea, progress #9
  • broom corn
  • popcorn, blue  waiting for next year
  • popcorn, strawberry  waiting for next year
  • popcorn, white waiting for next year
  • popcorn, yellow
  • corn, SE trinity - bi-color (?maybe?)
  • cumin
  • rosemary
  • sunflowers
  • sweet peppers
  • hot peppers  waiting for later
  • brussel sprouts
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower  waiting for later
  • cantaloupe
  • carrots (MANY!)
  • cucumber, pickling bush
  • basil, genovese   <--got from Main St. Seeds
  • basil, sweet
  • dill
  • lavender  waiting for later
  • oregano, italian
  • thyme
  • pumpkin, big max
  • pumpkin, pie (?maybe?)  waiting for later
  • radish (MANY!)
  • watermelon
  • corn, SE chubby checkers (?maybe?)  waiting for later

POTATOES!!!!! not sure where from yet besides the ones in my kitchen =)

think there's enough?? =)


March 16, 2010

#001 - trying to get poison ivy

Yes, I did say trying to GET poison ivy LOL!

One day when I was about 10 or so I realized that although everyone I knew got poison ivy & such, I never had that problem. So in my infinite wisdom I mention this to my cousin Jenny as we are out at my Dad's grave cleaning up the tombstone. She did NOT believe me but agreed she'd never had it either. But she said she knew what it looked like, so why not look for some?

Our whole idea was if we found some rub it on us and see if we were invincible or what --- BRILLIANT plan, eh? LOL!

See, I'm pretty sure she knew what it looked like because EVERYONE in our family is terribly easy to get it. It's said that most only have to LOOK at it and they can get it! I, on the other hand, STILL can't identify it!

So after about 10 minutes of looking on the east side of the cemetery we found some. So we grabbed a few of the leaves and rubbed it on both our arms & legs, threw down the leaves and went on our way back to her house.

By the time we got back there my Mom was ready to go back home so we parted ways and didn't even get a chance to tell anyone what we had done.

I never got a rash or anything!

Jenny on the other hand couldn't even leave the house for days! And it wasn't just her. The whole house had it pretty bad.

I've NEVER had poison ivy, still to this day. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones! At least I got something good - the whole rest of the family can tan, but not me.

So HA! I get the poison ivy resistance even if I can't go outside without sunscreen! =)



No one but Darkside probably even remembers that I said I was going to write as many of my stories in here as I could. And I was going to, really. But one thing or another always came up. That and I always hate telling them out of order =)

But someone once told me - if you don't write it down RIGHT NOW then the details get fuzzy. And I realize that now more than ever.

So I've decided even though it's a quarter of the way through the year I'm making a "resolution" for 2010. Or maybe it should be called a goal? Don't know but I'ma gonna do it! My overall goal is to get 100 memories put down on here.

gotta get back to work now =(


nails =)

Lately I've been messing with my nails alot. I figure I might as well get it done with now while they are not covered with dirt LOL! I can't wait till it's full swing garden season! But anyway here's some of the designs I've done in the past couple weeks (all pics can be clicked on for a larger view) -

the first one, just because -

ones with glow in the dark decals -
these were soooo cool!!

and here are my St. Patty's Day designs (both hands)-

Pretty cool huh? =)  I learned how to make designs & such from watching YouTube videos. I didn't have all the tools some of them do but I improvised LOL! I could not believe the number of people who noticed and commented on them. I didn't think anyone would even notice.

Makes me think I should take more time with my nails from now on =)


*edited 3.16.10 midnight* Some how this didn't post this afternoon???!!! So I'm posting now.

March 10, 2010


We had babies!! LOOK --


Daddy?? ----

We think there are between 7-9 of them. They're soooo cute! Now.........does anyone want a new pet?? LOL!

(added later than actually posted but wanted to post on day they were born (:  )


March 9, 2010

Everyday Drinkers & Party Paddle

I can not believe I forgot to tell you about the contest I won! I gladly entered in Everyday Drinkers contest which all I had to do was tell them my honest opinion about some marketing ideas they had --- shoot! that's easy! =)  But for my opinions I got entered into the contest they had for some Party Paddles.

OMG! Party Paddles are they BOMB! and so up our alley. Do you all remember the birthday paddle of 2008?? It's kinda like that but adult & so much cooler! (do I sound excited enough yet?? LOL)  here is their video promo

I can't wait to get mine. Hopefully it will be before my birthday! (this year it falls ON Easter!) I'm hoping that it's pretty cool and it goes over well with our friends cause this is my plan for  birthday gifts for all of them =) Sure if they happen to get bored and read this then they will already know but ........ you know me I can't just give one thing that isn't personalized =)

I got MANY ideas for this -- many! I am so HAPPY!

Oh and............Derrick is still a cutie! I'll still watch every show I can =)  Darkside gets a kick out of me oogling Derrick (the host of CMC).

But you know what? The comments his wife Jennifer adds to the videos & her apperance in the ABV videos are GREAT too! Every man need a woman like her to keep them in line LOL! =)


March 8, 2010

my unfortunate fate til July

Well unfortunately I will have a new title come April 1st -- DRIVER. Back in Jan. Darkside was driving home from work and didn't realize his headlight was out and got pulled over.

We had no insurance at the time so he got a ticket for that. We were thinking no big deal, we'll just get insurance and then when he goes to court they will fine him minimum and it'll be all over. NOT the case!

While in court there were no options he got a fine and has 6 months to pay it. period. Um, ok. It's been 10+ years since he has even been pulled over and this is all the options?

So we're thinking - oh well, it's our own fault for not making the payments - we'll just pay the fine and be done with it. Nope! We get a letter the next week and it says that his license is also suspended for 3 months and he will have to pay a reinstatement fee! WHOA! WTH??!!??

So guess what? I get my old job back again, oh yea. Good thing it's going to be in the spring cause if it was winter time we'd all be screwed! LOL! After the drive down I80 in 2008 there ain't no way in HELL I'm gonna drive on ice & snow again. that.was.hell.

But that means I got to take him to and from work - BLAH! Good thing is that the kids are now old enough I don't have to drag them out too. Although I'm sure that they'll want to go now, go figure!

So, yeah, Darkside will be getting many more grey hairs after the next 3 months HAHAHA! Oh and if you see a teal 97 Chrysler LHS with a dented in hood watch out cause I'm NOT paying attention LOL!


March 7, 2010

back =)

Well it's been quite awhile and for once it wasn't because of a lack of internet! I think it's definitely time for me to openly admit --- I'm addicted to Facebook & Farmville HAHAHA!

It's just too easy to get all involved with whatever soul sucking gimmick they are pushing at the moment.

Oh and the ease of being able to see what everyone is doing without the screwy ads like myspace.

But a quick update here and there just ain't enough for me - I got stories to get off my mind! And I know that gardening season is coming all too quickly so I'll need WAY more space for that.

I'll try to group everything together in common posts so to not overwhelm the millions in attendance here (HAHA! Hi Honey(: )